Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OOTD: j khaki

At the risk of being accused as having no imagination-whatsoever, I've decided to do another round of inspiration outfit copies.

As a matter-of-fact, I might just do these from now on. I really like searching for cool outfit ideas and then replicating them. Eh...

So, I got 2 new pairs of khakis recently. I haven't owned khakis in YEARS. I forgot how much I liked them. Here are two outfits that I put together recently.

I have a cardigan in every color of the rainbow...except for orange. Note: I don't really wear orange...idk. So, I opted for hot pink and rolled with it. I liked this look ESPECIALLY after I added a belt. I like the look of shirts with collars and cardigans. (Random, while typing this, I completely brainfarted and forgot how to spell collared. Collard. Collered. Seriously.) I don't think I'll actually wear this look out. The double layers over the arms were kind of weird and bulky. Eh.
Inspiration Photo: J Crew
Cardigan: Wal-Mart
Top: Dollhouse from Marshalls
Khakis: New York & Company
Belt: Wal-Mart

Believe it or not, this is a DIFFERENT shirt from the blue and white striped tee in last week's outfit. ;) I have 2 blue and white striped 3/4 sleeve shirts. Weird. I heeded last week's advice and tried a colored belt even though the inspiration outfit didn't have a colored belt. I feel like I can rock red, white and blue without looking like Aunt Sam...female version of Uncle. HA!
Inspiration Photo: J Crew
Top: Old Navy
Khakis: New York & Company
Belt: Rue 21
Shoes: Target
Bag: Target
 Pssst...I might actually wear this last outfit. Most of these I don't actually have the courage to rock outside of the house...either because it's a little inappropriate for either job or because it wouldn't be comfortable. But this one...definitely worth a try.
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  1. Love the second one! I like the button tab detail on the sleeve and the red accessories.
    I don't think being inspired by outfits makes you uncreative. You're putting your own spin in things. I really like these posts :)

  2. That second one makes you look very slim. I guess your NYR is working!

  3. You look great! I like both, but the second one is especially flattering! You should definitely wear it out and about. :)

  4. the second outfit is super cute!!

  5. LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVING the second outfit. SO CUTE. the red belt with the blue and white stripes is perfection.
    you took sailor chic to a whole new level!

  6. Your nautical look inspired me today. I wore a boat neck, 3/4 sleeve navy top, wide leg khaki slacks, my new Sperry Topsiders, and a wide blue & white headband. Not an exact copy but definitely inspired by your look :)

  7. love the first one belted, and i'm always a fan of stripes!

  8. I am LOVING your outfits and your blog!

    Found you on Mingle Monday!


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