Monday, July 9, 2012

how to be stylish on a budge part 2

It was only quite recently that I discovered I'd never continued a post series I started about shopping with a budget.

Honestly, I don't know why I didn't. That has really been the story of my life over the last few months. So, anywho, consider this my blog version of picking right up where we left off...

Read the first post here.

So, say you DIDN'T invent Snuggies or Facebook and aren't multi-millionaires. How do you stay stylish on a low-budget (ahem...budge)? Here are some tips and tricks that have helped this self-professed cheap-o retain a somewhat stylish persona.

1. Store emails. I set up a pseudo-junk email (not my main email address) that I use when subscribing to store emails, newsletters and mailing lists. This keeps these emails from clogging up my real inbox. However, I still check it at least once per day.

From the stores I frequent, I've signed up for the email mailing list. I usually get a few emails a month and almost all of them contain some sort of coupon (printable or code) or online-only sale information. This is extremely helpful if you already know you're going to buy from a store/retailer more than once. It's also helpful to use these emails to keep (virtual) track on something you've been waiting on to go on sale. If you see in an email that it's reduced or on clearance or whateves, then you can snap it up right then instead of worry about it being out at the story. (see online shopping in post 1) I also like using store emails to monitor basics (like dress pants/slacks, blouses, cardigans, jeans, etc) for when the mega sales are to snap up a bunch at once. I think it sort of gives you an edge on those mere mortals who just hit the stores for sales.

Some of the stores email lists I have personally subscribed to and benefited from are:

Old Navy (Seriously, y'all! They send out coupons every other week!)
New York and Company
Bath and Body Works
Crocs (Humor me...)
Lane Bryant
The Limited

2. Sharing this second tip with y'all is difficult because, though it works, my OCD-ness will never really get used to these places.

What am I speaking of?

Discount designer markdown stores...aka T.J.Maxx, Ross and Marshalls.

There is lots of good shopping to be done at these places and many a deal to be found...if you can dedicate the time to look. Unlike other stores, everything is arranged by size and garment so you have to, literally, go through almost every piece that is in your size to see their selection. Occasionally, if merchandise is new, it will be on a special rack with all the available sizes but for the most part, clothing is organized in this way. Some people actually enjoy this method more than the traditional way.

My favorite thing about these stores is the availability of quality merchandise for a low price. I especially love their designer shoes and handbags. For example, I ALMOST walked away with a Nine West orange leather-ish hobo bag for a mere $25. I didn't end up getting it up but I totally would have had something else not caught my eye. I also spotted authentic Michael Kors bags for under $200. That's a STEAL!

And when these places put things on clearance, they mean it! I'm talking tops and dresses for like $4. That's a great deal, for sure! The key thing here is that you need lots of time to go through these stores. Almost completely opposite of online shopping, these places require you to go to the brick and mortar because their inventory changes so often.

Here are two more tips for being stylish on a budget. Stay tuned for more tips soon!

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  1. I have a hard time with clothes at Marshalls too. Their shoe section is laid out normally though, so I have bought some great shoes there. I love Marshalls for other things though - sheets, towels, toys, luggage, accessories.


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