Friday, June 12, 2015

Flamingo Home Decor

It's no secret that I lurve flamingos. (I mean...I did name my blog after them...)

I love the idea of incorporating flamingos into the new house as we start to decorate. I already have a small dose of flamingo in our mini gallery wall, but I want to do more. The catch is...lots of flamingo decor is super pink and while I have no problem with pink, I think the mister might if it were in abundance.

So, subtle flamingo decor ideas...

Here we go!

Trend Alert: Flamingo Decor

For the front porch?

Bright pillows: | Photography: Leila Brewster -

A throw pillow is a nice punch of color.

Handmade Flamingo Bust  #anthropologie

I keep trying to talk M into letting me put up a faux animal bust. Perhaps a flamingo one would entice him?

I just need a rolling green yard and a croquet set to go with these. Or at least a balcony.

What about some flamingo glass tumblers? Perfect to sip pink lemonade in.

You Are So Loved - This pink and grey flamingo print is part of the Olivia Collection and would be the perfect addition for your little girls

Of course, I could just go for the obvious choice of some flamingo wall art

Do you have any flamingo stuff in your house?


  1. No flamingos for me. My friend loves them and has them all around the flower beds outside.

    I do really like the flamingo pillow. You should get it. I like the mat too. I am freaked out by the bust. LOL


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