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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Last-Minute Trip and Life Things

I promise this will be the last time you hear about Banff until we are actually back from Banff. I won't be around much next week...though I may try to do a photo post later in the week.

The weather is shaping up to be fantastic! I was as little worried that it would rain the entire time...and it's entirely possible that it still might, but this is what they are calling for as of now.

I've discovered that I fall into one of two categories...chronic OVER packer or chronic UNDER packer. Usually when I travel on shorter trips or business trips I tend to way over pack. However, history tells me that for longer vacations or international trips I've got a tendency to under pack. I'm trying to remedy this by making lots of lists but I found myself cutting a few items from my list because they felt redundant.  I'll report on how this trip fared in the packing arena upon my return.

To my knowledge, I've not ever been more stressed out before a vacation than I am now. A combination of work and life stress has made me worry that taking a week-long hiatus from work might not have been the best idea.'s not enough to keep me from going. Why does ALL THE STRESS pile up right before vacation?

You may have seen that I posted about the silicone wedding bands we purchased for our trip and also just for active life in general on Instagram. With both of us doing 9Round now, it made the most sense to invest. M wasn't wearing his ring to workout and sometimes was having to remove it at work when he's using machinery so the silicone options just worked better for times we don't want to ruin our real ones.

The problem is, I'm obsessed with mine. I want to wear them all the time because they are so comfortable. No more scratching things with my diamonds! :) I bought a three-pack off Amazon from Thunderfit and I have teal, pink and black. We are definitely taking ours to Banff (since the majority of our activities will be hiking related) and I may just opt to only wear that and not wear my wedding set at all. Is that bad?

Well, that's about it until next week. Have a great rest of the week and weekend, friends!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Things That Make Me Rage (Travel Edition)

There are fewer things in the world that incite more rage within my soul than traveling with idiots. No, not the traveling companions that may be with me, but the other morons out there traveling that lack common courtesy, human decency and manners.

These are the things that make me rage when I travel.

The Hurry Up and Waits
Masterchef wait waiting praying pray

Y'all know who I'm talking about. The people that are hell-bent and determined to be the first to board the plane, the first to stand up to exit the plane and the first to check their bags, but in reality EVERY PART OF FLYING is a hurry up and wait game. So why stress yourself out being the first to get up as soon as the plane lands? Guess, what? You're still going to have to wait for all of first class to exit so chillax and wait your turn. RAGE.

The Drunks

This is the worst when flying. You can smell the alcohol on people as they stand in front or behind you in line and they reek of alcohol. Like, if you really are that nervous of a flyer, go to your doc and get a medication to help with it. Self-medicating with alcohol is just sloppy. And you stink! RAGE! Which brings me to my next point...

The Stinkers
The Late Late Show with James Corden grossed out stank face stink face james corden

Maybe you think your perfume smells really good? Maybe you just roofed a house before you rode in an non air conditioned cab to the airport. If you stink, your fellow passengers are going to loathe being in close quarters with you. For God's sake, please take a shower and withhold strong scented perfumes and colognes at least until you are out of the airport. RAGE!

The Constant Talkers
parks and recreation talk leslie knope ron swanson annoying

This one is not so much enraging as it is tiring. We don't need to have an entire conversation for the next 2 hours. It's okay to have a polite hello, how are you and then be quiet.

The Manspreaders
Team Coco conan obrien manspreading

Listen, guys, if my 6'5" husband can fly without manspreading all over the place, so can you. Keep your arms and legs within your general area...unless you are first class. But then you'd never be next to me so do whatever you want.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Olympics Opening Ceremony Best & Worst Dressed

The opening  ceremonies were a bit bleh for me this year, honestly. But I loved seeing all the interesting outfits in the parade of nations. Here are some of the best and worst...


Man, these green and white pinstriped jackets with green piping just did it for me. I could have done without the scarf but overall this was my favorite look! 

I love the smart blazer with the sari fabric under on the women. It's modern interpretation and I was digging it! 

I love these cute dresses and the hats! Totally what I pictured for Brazil.

Call me biased, but these were the best uniforms I've seen on a US team in a long time. The striped shirts and the oxford shoes are killer! They looked so sharp! 

This was such a striking look in the parade and they looked unified yet still unique. 


What were they thinking? It reminds me of a 1980s windsuit. Ugh.

Oh Canada. (See what I did there?) The jackets were boxy and the weird zipper thing on the side was gross. 

Normally, one of my standard favorites in terms of uniforms, this year was a flop. Maybe they just aren't used to warm weather?

WHAT THE HECK. I have no words. Jackets, leggings, pencil skirts in the worst colors. SIGH.

What did you think? Which were your faves?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Splurge Vs. Steal: T-Shirt Dress

One of these outfits costs around $100 and the other a whopping $1400. Can you guess which is the "splurge" and which is the "steal"?

splurge v steal t shirt dress

splurge v steal t shirt dress by aprilanne147 featuring trapeze dresses

The outfit on the left is the "steal" at only $101 total. Namebrands and luxury items like a Gucci watch bring the splurge outfit's total to $1403. This goes to show that with a little effort and a thrifty outlook you can copy the best fashion looks for much, much less! 

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Day I Peed Myself (and Other Things That Went Wrong)

I'm convinced my life is a series of unrelated comical and ridiculous events. Read on for additional proof for my theory. And if you are grossed out by average bodily functions and mishaps or #tmi, then don't keep reading. You've been warned! 

A few weeks ago I went to the lady doctor for an annual check up. (I told you, TMI.) The day before when they called to confirm they said it was an annual physical. I corrected the girl on the phone and told her it was a lady exam (but used the correct terminology, of course). She said no problem, she'd make the edit in my file for the next day.

My appointment was in the afternoon around 2. Knowing that I would have to pee in a cup, I withheld peeing ALL DAY. I'm anxious about know...producing enough...and sometimes I get stage fright with stuff like that so I decided to make sure I would be okay and abstained from peeing all morning.

Big mistake.

So, you know the typical doc appointment they let you put your stuff down then take you to the pee bathroom and give you the cup and instructions and junk? Well that happened. Only, once I got in to the bathroom the full force of my horrible decision to not pee all day became an immediate and urgent issue. Commence me struggling to go through the "pre-pee" routine and position everything appropriately before my bladder exploded. It's important to note that my overwhelming urge to relieve my bladder pressure clearly affected my thinking.

I assumed the position and began to pee and realized after about 2 seconds that I WAS HOLDING THE PEE CUP UPSIDE DOWN. So the pee was bouncing off the cup and flooding the bathroom.* All I could do was scramble to position the cup correctly to get an adequate amount because there was no way I was stopping Niagara Falls there. No stinking way.

I managed to get enough of a "sample" (which is also a huge source of anxiety for I fill it to the top and look like an overachiever? Or fill it halfway? What if it's not enough?) and set the cup off to the side. I proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes drying myself off and sopping up the bathroom floor. After occupying the pee bathroom for at least 15 minute I finally got dressed in my pee-stained clothing (Thank GOD I had on black pants) and made my way back to the examination room.

You may think that is the end of my story. But, you would be sorely mistaken. After the nurse came in she instructed me to strip down and put on the required apron thing and blanket thing and all the parts that come with an exam. But the doctor clearly wasn't informed I was there for that. She walked in a did a quick bug-eyed look before she recovered. Coming in and seeing your patient quasi naked (but covered of course) on the table is probably a little jolt if you weren't prepared for it. Especially when you look like a mini Beluga whale in whiteness. Apparently ol' sister sledge from the front desk that called me the day before forgot to note in my file it was a gyno exam and not a sports-type physical.

So after reassuring the doctor that I wasn't a freak exhibitionist and that I did, indeed, schedule the appropriate appointment, everything else went along swimmingly...

...until they figured out I hadn't had a tetanus shot in about 15 years. So I walked out of the doctor's office that day a few test tubes of blood lighter, with a very sore TdaP shot arm and reeking of pee. It was a GREAT day. Happy Monday! Hope your day is better than this one. :)

*Not flooding but definitely spraying on the bathroom floor. I come from a family of over-exaggerators.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Things I Overhear My Husband Say While Playing Video Games vol. 2

Read about the genesis of this post idea and volume 1 here. M plays Xbox Live so he talks to other people who are playing the same games with him. That is important to remember.

"Okay, well I'm gonna teleport out."
The preferred method of transportation, obvs.

"I made a goblin shadow priest." 
As opposed to a ghost light devil.

"I killed the sh*t out of those three wizards!"
Wait, I thought wizards were good?! At least in Harry Potter they are, right?

"Yeah, she's been watching RuPaul's Drag Race marathon all day. "
He was referring to me. For whatever reason. Also the shade implied "marathon all day". I'll cut him.

[After I hear a pre-pubescent male's voice talking to my husband.]
Me: "Um...are you playing video games with children? Is that allowed? Feels illegal."
M: "It's fine. He's kicking my butt anyway."

"I didn't have time to switch to invisible mode."
Me neither.

"I just got killed by a chainsaw."
What a way to go, man.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Tale of the Trees

Our townhome is the very end unit at the back of the neighborhood. So, basically, we butt up to trees and trees and trees. That was one of the biggest selling features of the house for's quiet and you have nature right next to it. :)

We've been in the house a year and a month and have really loved the treeline and the quiet that comes with living next to the woods.

Well that all ended this weekend when, save for a 6 foot deep strip of vegetation, the woods were all cut down. Starting at 7 am Saturday morning, we heard loud machinery right beside the house and saw that they were pulling down the trees!

Back story, we knew that someone had bought the adjacent land to build a series of "fancy garages" (garages for boats, expensive cars and other luxuries the rich people around us want but don't want to keep at their house) but we were assured there would be some of the trees left in between our house and the garages.

Well "some of the trees" equated to about an 6 foot deep swatch of vegetation and some trees. All of these gorgeous, old, HUGE pines and hardwoods were cut down. To add insult to injury, after they spend the entire day cutting down the trees, they proceeded to mulch most of them.

We can now see the entire lot and the road about 100 yards away. And it has honestly changed the appearance of our building upon approach. Once, dwarfed by gigantic trees, our house now sticks out and looks large and weird.

The beautiful trees are gone. I was almost sick to my stomach on Saturday as I listened to them being cut down. M told me to start thinking about some of the positives that could come out of this. "At least it's not a neighborhood going in that close," he said, This is true. That would mean children and loud people to contend with. Thankfully, we just have the occasional yuppie that goes to get their Porche Boxter or RV out of the garage. "At least you don't have to worry about watching Hewitt with the hawks and coyotes around," he said, This is also true. We have a gorgeous (albeit deadly) red-tailed hawk that lived in those trees and our neighbors have seen coyotes before so I was always on the lookout when Hewitt was outside at certain times of the day/night.

So, I guess there are some positives to this. I'm trying hard not to be really bummed about it. The proximity of the trees are one of the reasons we bought the house...and though we aren't staying here forever, it was certainly a great selling point. Now? Well, we have no idea how it's going to end up over there in that now empty lot. We'll just have to wait and see.

For now, I'm trying to be positive. And this is a start...

The heavy woods would have blocked this gorgeous sunset from view. So, now the thinned-out woods makes for a gorgeous photo opp. That's the one positive for now. Give me some time...

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