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Monday, May 2, 2016

NOLA Bound!

Hi friends. Today's post serves 2 purposes...

1. To inform you that I might be sort of MIA for the rest of the week because tomorrow I'm headed to NOLA for a work conference. 

2. To comment upon a few random things associated with my NOLA trip. 

Now that the first purpose has been fulfilled, would you indulge me a little as I comment upon some NOLA things? Oh, and if you're wondering, NOLA stands for New Orleans Louisiana. (LA  is the abbreviation for Louisiana)

I am so excited to be able to have the opportunity to go to NOLA. It's one of my bucket list cities because it's old, Southern and home of my beloved Saints. :) 

Things I Hope To Do
  • Go on a ghost walk through the haunted French Quarter and visit one the famous cemeteries
  • Visit the French Quarter
  • Have a hurricane drink
  • Eat a beignet (or 6) at Cafe Du Monde
  • See the Mercedes-Benz Superdome (where my Drew plays)
  • Visit some of the older homes in the Garden District
  • Try bourbon

Things I'm Nervous About
  • The fact that I don't eat seafood and isn't like 90% of LA cuisine seafood?
  • The fact that I'm not a big drinker but will be expected to keep up with some younger...more tolerant coworkers
  • I also don't really eat rice...which is the other 10% of LA cuisine

So I may be MIA this week but you can always follow along with me on Instagram to stay up to date on all things NOLA. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unpopular Opinion: Why Brunch is the Worst



Brunch is literally the worst. Here's why...

-one- It's indecisive.
It's neither breakfast nor lunch. It's an ungodly union of both. I'm already indecisive so I don't need anything else in my life that is.

-two- It's too current.
It's one of those buzz words you hear all the time, mostly by yuppie people at country clubs. It's popular and trendy and I hate it.

-three- It's not satisfying.
I'm either in the mood for breakfast (rarely since I kind of don't like breakfast foods) or lunch but not both. So, no, I do not want a chicken salad sandwich with grits and sausage egg muffins. If I want lunch, my tastebuds are set on lunch. Not grits and quiche. I don't want to eat my Chef Boyardee ABCs and 123s with scrambled eggs and biscuits. That's disgusting.

-four- It's bourgie.

-five- It's usually ridiculously expensive.
People think they can overcharge for breakfast when it's at 11 AM. NO MA'AM! I see you! I see what you're trying to do. That sausage biscuit was $4 at 7 AM and now it's $11.95?

That's all. Hopefully I've made a completely sound and unbiased argument for why brunch is the worst. :)

Also, this does exclude breakfast for dinner. I often enjoy breakfast for dinner because it's completely breakfast (read: not some hybrid of foods) just at a different time of day. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Things That Make Me Happy

Mondays are jerks. Here I was having a great weekend and catching up on all my sleep and getting stuff done around the house and then Monday happened. Grrrr.

But, Mondays are inevitable. Without Mondays, there'd be no eventual weekend. So. this is me. dealing with it. By posting things that make me happy today...

Well of course, my husband M, make me happy. He knows when to push and when to pull and when to give me the reins. :) 

This little guy makes me happy. Look how cute he is! What you don't see is the pee spot from where this he peed on my freshly planted snapdragons and the sidewalk. I may or may not have edited that out. of the greatest inventions of my generation. I'm obsessed with it. Well, pretty much with all snapchat filters, but especially this one. And the rhinestone eye one I mentioned on Friday.

Pineapples. I'm into them so much right now. And so is Helene so everything she posts with pineapples are giving. me. life.

Fresh flowers. I'm obsessed. I just planted a cutting flower garden over the weekend and I can't wait for them to start growing! I want fresh flowers in the house.

What's making you happy today?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Five on a Friday

-one- Well I've gone and discovered LuLaRoe. Have y'all heard of this? It's a cool clothing company that sells dresses, skirts, tops and leggings. Really their style is all about bright colors, patterns (but also solids) and flowy, comfy clothing. My sister in law had a pop-up boutique and since then I've become obsessed. I love that I can throw on a Perfect Tee and a pair of leggings and it be a nice transition outfit. It's not work/church dressy but it's not yoga pants. A happy medium. And the Perfect Tee is long like a tunic so it covers everything when I wear leggings. LOVE!!

-two- I am traveling to New Orleans for a work conference in 2 weeks. I'm traveling with some coworkers that are *a bit* younger than me and much more into the nightlife scene. Being a married woman of 31, this is not really something I'm accustomed to. I don't really go out to clubs/bars and the last time I've been in one was circa 2006. :) Nevertheless my younger coworkers have expressed an interest in getting acquainted with the NOLA nightlife and it terrifies me. What do I wear? I usually wear cardigans, flats and statement necklaces but I have a feeling that really won't work in a bar in NOLA. Anyone have any advice? 

-three- I'm on the lookout for a new foundation. I was using a CC cream over the winter but I've grown to dislike it. It's doesn't have a lot of staying power. I need something that will stay on but is also gentle for my sensitive skin. Also it should be available in varying shades of pale. :) Any suggestions? What is your fave foundation?

-four- The absolute best thing is being the first person at work. It's quiet and kind of dark and I can get so much done in that period of time before everyone else gets in. Like blogging... ;)

-five- Who else is obsessed with this snapchat filter? I love it so much. I want someone to come and do this to my eyes everyday mmmkay? I could do without the lip color but the eyes are excellent.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wardrobe Consultation v.2

I posted before about doing some "wardrobe consultation" and outfit-making for my mom. Well, over the weekend I did it again with some newer items she'd purchased over the last year. Here's a recap of what I did last year if you missed it. You may see some of the same pieces from last year and there are definitely some repeats this time. I'm a big fan of mixing and matching with the same pieces to achieve different looks.

Here are some outfits from this past weekend.

I really enjoyed doing this. Anyone else localish (Charlotte/Fort Mill) need me to come make you some outfits? :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

In Our House

In Our House

M tends to clean the kitchen. I am so blessed.

You won't have to take off your shoes to come in.

There is a scattering of living (dare I say thriving) house plants, placed high enough so that *someone with 4 legs who shall remain nameless* doesn't mistake them for outside plants...and pees on them.

We have a whole shelf/cart of liquor and almost never drink it.

You won't find a coffeemaker. #sorrynotsorry

We hardly ever open windows because of my allergies. But you will also hardly ever see blinds or curtains closed during the day. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

You won't ever see overhead lighting...well in the areas that I govern at least. In the man cave, who knows?

The throw pillows will be set perfectly if no one is sitting on the couch.

There is a folded snuggie next to the couch if you need it.

Everything has a place.

There are bare walls...not because I like it, but because I'm picky about my art/wall decor.

Surfaces will be clear. A cluttered surface = anxiety for me.

You'll be hard pressed to find anything red. Or warm colors. #teamgraysandblues

We go sometimes weeks without touching the thermostat. Our house stays cool most of the time, which we both prefer. (And by cool I mean between 68 and 72 degrees.)

What about you? What about your house?

Inspired by Steph's post. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Five Things Friday

It's Friday! (Can I get an Amen?) This week has been a big old jerk. Luckily nature gives us a way to start over and it's called a weekend. Here are 5 things I'm into (or not into coincidentally) today:

-one- In case you haven't noticed, I'm really into sky photos...sunset, sunrise, clouds, etc. If it's of the sky, I have a compulsion to snap a picture. Below are a couple that I've taken this week.

-two- I'm really, really, REALLY over rule-breakers. Let me go back and start from the beginning. I'm a rule-follower. If it's a rule or a process, I do it exactly as I'm told. I loathe when people break rules or do not follow processes. It's really become an issue as of late at work because people are parking in spots they aren't supposed to. AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. Most of my rage from rule-breakers stems from traffic/driving actually. There's this one place that has a long right shoulder that eventually runs straight into a turn lane. I wait until it actually, officially becomes a turn lane get into it. And all the time people drive down the shoulder of the road when there is traffic and go to the turn lane, so whenever possible, I pull my car out ever so slightly over the right line just so that people cannot zoom past me on the shoulder and turn right. No sir! You may wait for your turn just like I am. Call me a jerk, but I don't care. You will not break the rules on my watch!

-three- Did you guys read about Inky the Octopus? It's a NZ octo that escaped his tank and went back into the ocean! :) Read the actual story here. But what I'm loving is all the tweets about it yesterday and today. Just search #inkytheoctopus on Twitter and enjoy!

Not Inky, but a pic of an octopus I took at an aquarium.

-four- I whipped up this little dandy for my desk at work and I love it so much I might frame it. :) And maybe frame one for my house... If you are from the Carolinas you'll get it. If not, ask me. HA! 

-five- I've blogged before about how I like to browse around on real estate websites to see how people decorate their houses, but what I've started doing as of late is finding houses for sale that are the same floorplan as mine (my house is a Portrait Home which is a fairly large homebuilder in my area) and seeing how people decorate the "problem areas" I've struggled to decorate in my own home. Like we have this weird cubby hole thingy and an oddly-set up kitchen so I like seeing how people decorate theirs. Is that strange?

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