Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Boyfriend's Observations of Me

I'm quite the observer by nature. The boyfriend (henceforth "M") is too. When I read Steph's post about her and her husband's predictability with one another, I figured it would be fun to ask M what he's observed about me.

We've only been dating 6 months ish so we're not quite at the "I can predict what you will always do" yet stage. However, the responses I got back from M on his observations of me were so funny, I just HAD to share. :)

In his words (with my commentary in parentheses)

1. You say the word "precious" more than any normal human being.
2. When you are done talking on a subject you say "the end".
3. You like to talk in weird voices more than you talk in a normal voice sometimes.
4. Chocolate is a way of life to you.
5. You get nervous quickly if something goes not as planned.
6. Before even watching Return of the Jedi (Star Wars) with you, I knew you'd like ewoks.
7. I know that when we go out, you order the same thing as previous visits.
8. You have an overwhelming sympathy for waiters.
9. You have too many shoes.
10. Always have to have something around your neck. (a statement necklace, perhaps?)
11. 95% of the time you have to eat dessert after a meal.
12. Your fingers and toes always have polish on them.
13. You make lists like there is no tomorrow.
14. You hate to wear shorts.
15. You always want to killer cut somebody. (When I get mad at something/someone I'll say that I'm going to cut them.)
I must say, he's pretty dead-on.

Has anyone ever told you something about yourself that surprised you?


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Make a Statement [Link Up Party!]

There are so many statement necklaces that I could blog about today, but I figured I'd blog about only current favorite. 

I snapped this J Crew inspired statement necklace for $20 on Sassy Steals. I love it so much. It's by far my favorite statement necklace I've ever owned. It goes with everything and it makes me happy to wear it. 

Don't I look happy?!

So now, join the fun and tell me about your statement necklaces! Link up your blog post below about statement necklaces. It can be a photo of you in a statement necklace, a picture of one of your faves or inspo necklaces, or maybe even a post about them. Anything about a statement necklace goes! Even an old post! Just grab a button or link back to me and join the fun!

I'll leave the linky tool up for a week, so if you post anything later this week, come back and link up. I can't wait to read your posts! 

For more statement necklace inspiration, check out my previous posts on statement necklaces here, here, here and here.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Five Fashion Don'ts

I'm not much of a fashion risk taker when it comes to trends, styles and shapes. So, I'm, by no means a fashion consultant.

However, there are a few fashion ideas (I'm scared to call them actual trends) that I really just can't get behind. Like ever.

Below are five fashion don'ts.* (in my own humble opinion)

5 Fashion Don'ts

5 Fashion Don'ts by aprilanne147 featuring flip flop sandals

White Shoes
No matter how expensive or well cut white shoes are I just loathe them. All white shoes make me think of orthopedic/nursing shoes or dirty Walmart flip flops. (no offense to Walmart...but it's where you most often see people with white flip flops on that are so dirty they are almost gray) I just can't get behind an all-white shoe. Do a nude shoe. A black shoe. Even a black and white shoe...but save all white for girls under 12 to wear with their Easter dresses. Which brings me to my next don't...

Platform Flip Flops
Ladies, I'm totally guilty of this one. I had black ones back in the day. However, I do not still wear them. Please, if you have them...burn them. If you have white ones...there is no hope for your soul. 

I will always loathe these. Unless you're on a boat or at a racetrack these are inappropriate to wear in public. I would go as far as arguing that wearing them anywhere in public is a "don't" but I've learned to pick my battles. Jort (jean shorts) are just...a no. 

Floral Jeans
When I saw that these were coming back in style it made me think of the early 90s and not in a good way. Yikes. These are always and forevermore a don't.

Dolman Tops
Dolman sleeved or dolman tops look good on about 1% of the world's female population. They are unflattering, frumpy and just not cute. Sorry, but these are a whopping don't. 

Honorable Mentions
Ugg boots.

*It is not my intention to offend anyone with this post. It is simply a reflection on fashion trends that I, myself, could never partake of. It's all meant in good fun and jest. So, check yourself before you troll comment. The end. 

Also, please PLEASE join my very first ever linky party tomorrow? Pretty please? And spread the word, if you don't mind. I'll love y'all so much!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Confessional Friday: Q&A Edition

1. My worst fashion offense of all time has to be my hair from 1991-1998.

Let's just zoom in on that for a minute.

Yep. What was I thinking?! Also, I kind of look like the rabbit from Monty Python here. :)

2. The most embarrassing song on my iPod is probably Gonna Make You Sweat by C+C Music Factory. Oh, and maybe Adagio by Lara Fabian.

3. The last white lie I told was that I liked someone's toe nail polish color.

4. The celebrity I most wish would disappear is Justin Bieber. Honorable mention goes to Kimye and, on most days, Taylor Swift.

5. Sometimes I wish I could just live on a farm with goats, miniature donkeys, a miniature cow and lots of land to plant flowers and vegetables. I don't think I could "live off the land" (because mama loves certain processed foods way too much) but I could try. Wishful thinking. :)

6. My childhood crush was Kevin Richardson and there might have been a brief crush on Andrew Keegan.

7. I've never turned down chocolate.

8. Action or war movies makes me a nervous wreck. Also children and confrontation.

9. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch MMA, UFC or boxing.

10. Much like a train wreck, I can't turn away from watching Dance Moms, Real Housewives of New Jersey or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Easy "Watermelon" Cookies

I think that stuff in the shape or theme of a watermelon is cute. 

The actual fruit? No thanks. It's kinda gross...

So, when I came across these cute watermelon "shaped" cookies that don't actually taste or smell like on, melon lovers. I'll see you your watermelon desserts and raise you this delicious sugary cookie goodness. 

Oh...and it's also one of the easiest ever fancy cookie recipes to make. (It's fancy because it requires more than just opening a package and putting it in the oven. Though not much more...) Everything is pre-made or store bought so there is not a whole lot of prep work. The only prep work you're doing is prettyfying the cookies. 

Yes, I said prettyfying. Anyone can serve a frosted sugar cookie. But it takes a special person to serve up some of these...

Watermelon Cookies

1 can Pillsbury hot pink frosting (or vanilla frosting and food coloring to dye it pink)
2 packages of Pillsbury break and bake sugar cookies
Green food coloring
Mini chocolate chips

2 hours (15 min prep time, 15 min bake time, 15 min post bake time, 45 min wine time)

I've seen this recipe done with a sugar cookie log/roll, but this amps up the laziness even more so by using break and bake. I know, I know...I'm awesome. 

Preheat oven as directed on cookie package wrapper.

Take your packages of break and bake sugar cookies and, while in the tray, place one small dot of green food coloring in the center of each cookie. Remove it from the tray and smoosh the cookie together. Roll it into a ball. (this will spread the food coloring for a marble effect) I did not fully incorporate the food coloring this way, but that was intentional. 

Here is where I learned something the hard way...since your dough balls are already warm from the heat of your hand, you should place them farther apart than the recommended 2 inches on the cookie sheet. Otherwise, you'll get a cookie sheet that looks like a green patchwork quilt. :) 

Bake as directed and let cool on a cookie sheet. Now, here's another lesson I learned...

If you frost your cookies BEFORE you slice them, it's much easier this way because you will automatically have the cookie frosted up to the straight edge. Don't frost all the way to the outer edge (leave a green lip around the cookie) to resemble the watermelon rind. Sprinkle mini chocolate chips on the frosting and then slice down the middle (if desired). 

Now enjoy your cookies and spend the rest of the 45 minutes you allotted for baking to enjoy some wine. :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday erm Wednesday: Summer Jams!

When M and I went on the deep sea fishing trip from hell expedition, I made a little mixed cd (doesn't mixed tape just sound so much better? sigh...) with some of my fave summer songs on it.

Now, this mixture had old summer favorites and current summer faves. These are songs that just make me happy. They probably have absolutely nothing to do with summer, but I just like them.

For today's Top 5 Tuesday post, I'm listing my 5 favorite "new" (as in, less than one year since it was released) summer jams.

Jam with me...

1. Cruise (Remix) Featuring Nelly - Florida Georgia Line
I know, I know a COUNTRY song is on my list. What's gotten into me??!! This one is actually sort of summer-themed. And, I mean, I just love Nelly. He reminds me of the early 2000s. Love him.

2. Blurred Lines Featuring T.I and Pharrell - Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke used to not be able to sing. He's still not that great. But this song is. The lyrics are kinda vague and vulgar at the same time and the unrated music video is too much. But if I can just listen to this makes me want to dance!

3. Let the Groove Get In - Justin Timberlake
It is a little repetitive...but this song is definitely good for working out, doing chores or maybe in a boat? IDK.

4. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - FallOut Boy
I like FallOut Boy. I feel like they get a bad rap because the lead singer tends to be pitchy in his songs. However, this song is really catchy and driving.

5. Come & Get It - Selena Gomez
Is she one of the Disney Channel alums? Is she the one that dates the Biebs or the one that does coke. I get them all confused. Anywho, I like this song. It has a really cool asian/world/arabic world beat type thing going for it in the song breaks and then a total pop rock chorus. It's a cool song...even if the words are a bit repetitive.

Honorable Mention:
Cups - Anna Kendrick
I love this song! But the only reason it didn't make it to my list is that I wish they wouldn't have changed the song up so much than what was in the movie. That whole scene was cool. Make the song a little simpler and I'm all for it. This version is still good though.

What are some of your favorite summer songs?


Join my statement necklace linky party on July 30!

Editors Note: I literally went almost all morning thinking today was Tuesday. Excuse my temporary forgetfulness. We can still talk about fun songs on a Wednesday, right? 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make a Statement [Link Up Party!]

The party:
It's no secret how much I love statement necklaces. I mean, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to statement necklaces. Obsess-much?!

So what better way to spread the love of statement necklaces than by hosting a statement necklace link up party!

The details:
Link up a blog post about statement necklaces. It could be photos of you wearing a statement necklace, pins of some of your favorite statement necklaces or inspiration outfits featuring statement necklaces.

Basically...any sort of post about a statement necklace goes! Let's celebrate our statement-loving selves!

The rules:
1. Write a blog post that talks about statement necklaces.
2. Grab the button below.
3. Come back here and link up your post on Tuesday, July 30.

A final note:
Please, oh please, PLEASE link up with me? This is my very first blog link up and I'm totally, TOTALLY resorting to begging and pity to get y'all to link up with me. :) And if you spread the word, I'll love you forever! The end.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Yep, yep, y'all. It's Thursday! Do you mind if I share with y'all a few things I'm loving this week? No? Okay...

Hello happy, sneaky little sloth. I love you! Don't you love him too?

I love the colors in this living room. And the rug. Oh, yes, the rug!

I love desserts in wine glasses. They just make everything fancy and pretty, right? Currently these, these and these sound delish!

Just in case you happen to love Disney as much as I, here are the resumes of unemployed Disney villains. More resumes here.

Hello PB&J 2.0. I just might have to try you.

And I'll definitely be making these this weekend.

Blog Post Faves:

Sarah gives guys a guide to women's clothing. | New blog discovery! I love her style and her cute li'l freckles! | Why I will NEVER go deep sea fishing again. | How my BFF got her wedding dress FOR FREE! | I love how Kaelah mixes coral and turquoise together in this outfit. WAY cute! | I think I'll definitely be participating in Audrey's wardrobe challenge! | This entire outfit is on my "to wear" list VERY soon.

Thursday GIFts:

me in the club

Ah yes. You can't go wrong with judging eyes. Mama June...

In other news, I won't be blogging tomorrow. My dad is having surgery so I'll be at the hospital most of the day and weekend. I'd appreciate your thoughts/prayers if that's your thing. 

Have a wonderful Thursday and a happy weekend!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Fashion Deals

This is about that time of year that a lot of summer clothes go on sale: sandals, shorts, skirts, dresses and tanks. It's a great time to catch a great deal. Each item below is less than $20.

Printed Twill Shorts
Starting at $12.97 - Old Navy

Jersey Tank Dress
$15.00 - Old Navy

Merona® Women's Doubleweave Skirt - Assorted Colors
Doubleweave Pencil Skirt
$11.48 - Target

Mossimo® Women's Pleated Peplum Tank - Assorted Colors

Pleated Peplum Tank
$12.58 - Target

Sunwashed T
$4.99 - Gap
Multi-Stripe Straw Tote
$17.00 - Old Navy

Cinch-Waist Maxi Tank Dress
$19.97 - Old Navy

Do y'all love summer bargains as much as I do? Tell me where you've found great deals, because I'm always on the lookout!! 

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap: Deep Sea Fishing

First of all, let me warn y'all that this will be a photo-heavy and text-light post. With that, I'll mostly be showing some photos from the weekend with a few fun trip highlights scattered throughout.

But let me go ahead and spoil the ending...I will never go deep sea fishing again. Read on for exactly why...

Of course it rained or was overcast and drizzly almost the entire time we were there...oh except for the day we were leaving. Great timing, God. :) Just kidding. I was doing a whole lot of praying to him the next day. Stay tuned for that later on...

These pics (above) were from the harbor/yacht club our hotel overlooked. M and I took an evening stroll around the harbor and I, of course was snapping iPhone pics faster than you could say "yacht". Dreary, overcast skies did make for some excellent photos, if I do say so myself. 

This was at the end of our walk along the dock. Gorg!

The next day started quite early...5:15 am, to be exact. We boarded the boat around 6:30 am and I had time to snap a couple of pics while we boarded. 

We were on a pretty big that, coupled with my dramamine and seabands made me figure I was safe M and I took some early happy shots right before we started out. 

The next 8 hours of my life can be summed up by a few phrases:

Raining, drenched, soaked, cold.
Moving, swaying, waves, motion. 
Puking, falling, bruising, drenched.
Shivering, raining, puking, heaving. 
Heaving, shivering, drenched, cold. 
Praying, heaving, swaying, heaving.
Soaked, dehydration, starvation, weakness.
Contemplating life's purpose while clinging to a nasty boat toilet. 

Suffice it to say, I have no pictures to document this time as I was alternating praying for death to come swiftly and dry heaving. I tried to sleep it off on some of the benches on the boat but had to hold on for dear life since the ocean was so rough. I couldn't go anywhere without being soaked or falling. Standing wasn't an option with the rough seas. I probably puked about 12 times total, but thankfully was only dry heaving the last 8 times or so. My dramamine failed to work and everything I attempted to eat or drink know. That, coupled with a chilling rain and biting wind made for one soaked, starved, thirsty and exhausted April. I had many talks with God during this time and pretty much promised that I'd make my first 6 children become pastors if he would calm the sea and help me to not be sick. 

Then, somewhere between the Little River Inlet and the Intracoastal Waterway, and about 2 hours later the skies broke, the rain stopped and the waters calmed. Instantly I felt better. Honestly, it was amazing. I had a few sips of water and they stayed down. 

Heck, I was even able to take a few photos as we came back through the Intracoastal.

The lighthouse from the Intracoastal side.

These are all shots of the old buildings and dock restaurants that make up the Little River fishing village. It's still unincorporated to this day. Very cool!

After not having eaten all day, M and I chanced our stomachs with some pizza on Saturday night. The rest of the weekend was (blissfully) uneventful as we headed out of town. But first, we stopped at Bass Pro Shop (a MUST for M and the Tanger Factory Outlets (a MUST for me). We'd planned on getting gas and heading out of town after we visited both places.

Well, the plans went along swimmingly until my car battery died at the gas station. Yep. Do I have jumper cables? Nope. Do I know how to jump my car? Nope. Do I even know how to pop open the hood? {Shamefully} nope. Thank God that M was with me and helped me. Now, ladies, don't get your feminists pantaloons in a knot...I would have figured out something on my own...but I was at the verge of a slight meltdown (both literally and emotionally) in my hot car until my knight in shining armor, aka M, walked out of the gas station with jumper cables and asked a {not so} nice older gentlemen for a jump. 

We then spent about 30 minutes searching for an auto parts place until we just decided to head home and try to find one in one of the cities we pass through on the way. 

Thank you, Robert at Advanced Auto Parts in Florence, SC for your help in installing my battery...and that corroded thingamajig on my battery. You were nice about it and not a jerk. You were funny and kept us both entertained with your fish stories. Thank you for helping to calm my anxiety for a mere $130. 

Thank you, M for putting up with me (both in my puking state and my normal, weirdness).

Thank you God, for getting me off the boat alive and without the assistance of the Coast Guard rescue chopper. 

And thank you, readers for surviving through my trip re-cap ramblings.

I promise a good post tomorrow. Until then...
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