Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Daytime/Everyday Eye Makeup Look


They say eyes are the window to the soul, right? Or something like that, right? Well, I can believe that. I always pay attention to someone eyes. They can tell you if someone is lying, happy, sad, scared or mad. Eyes are important.

Though I'm not a natural redhead, I have ginger lashes. They are basically light blonde and almost invisible. I look a little like a ghost without any eye makeup on. But I've learned to cope with it. I rarely leave the house without at least a little mascara and from early on, I learned the power that a swipe of mascara can have over your self-esteem AND the boys in the your middle school science class. Am I right?? :)

My daily eye routine is usually fairly simple - a swipe of blush/bronzer across the lids, liner and mascara. When I have a little more time I'll add contouring eyeshadow, concealer and/or a little bit of shimmer. Below is a glimpse into my everyday/work/daytime eye makeup routine. No fuss or frills. This takes me about 5 minutes tops. Also, you've been pre-warned about my ginger-esque blonde lashes, but I feel I should warn you again...

I usually take whatever blush/bronzer I'm wearing that day and swipe it across my lids. I already have it out for my cheeks two birds with one stone. Right? After that I do liner. Usually I start with a powder liner or eyeshadow with a liner brush on the top lids and maybe the outer corner of the bottom lids.

Then I take a pencil (kohl) liner in black or bronzey/brown and line the top AND bottom lids over the powder liner. I feel the powder line helps keep the pencil from smudging so much. I usually avoid lining the very inner corner of my eyes but I do line both the top and bottom. I know, I know...everyone says you aren't supposed

And then I go and commit another so-called makeup faux-pas by putting mascara on both my top AND bottom lashes. I just can't help if. If you're born with invisible lashes you can't just do the top and not the bottom. Actually, you can, but you look like a freak. Ask me about the time I forgot to put mascara on my lower lashes and people at work asked me if I was sick. OR, the time that I put mascara on one eye and not the other and walked around until someone said something to me AT LUNCH! Yeah. So, I put mascara on the top and bottom...when I remember. :)

And this is what I end up with. Apparently, I've not mastered the art of looking normal, casual and not cross-eyed into the camera yet, so, grace please. :) Do you have a daily eye makeup routine? What do you do?



  1. Lazy days: mascara.

    Not lazy days: Clinique eyeshadow base, a bit of navy eyeliner, mascara, sweep of my go to Sephora shadow.

    Most days are lazy days.

  2. Your eyes look awesome!


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