Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Boyfriend's Observations of Me

I'm quite the observer by nature. The boyfriend (henceforth "M") is too. When I read Steph's post about her and her husband's predictability with one another, I figured it would be fun to ask M what he's observed about me.

We've only been dating 6 months ish so we're not quite at the "I can predict what you will always do" yet stage. However, the responses I got back from M on his observations of me were so funny, I just HAD to share. :)

In his words (with my commentary in parentheses)

1. You say the word "precious" more than any normal human being.
2. When you are done talking on a subject you say "the end".
3. You like to talk in weird voices more than you talk in a normal voice sometimes.
4. Chocolate is a way of life to you.
5. You get nervous quickly if something goes not as planned.
6. Before even watching Return of the Jedi (Star Wars) with you, I knew you'd like ewoks.
7. I know that when we go out, you order the same thing as previous visits.
8. You have an overwhelming sympathy for waiters.
9. You have too many shoes.
10. Always have to have something around your neck. (a statement necklace, perhaps?)
11. 95% of the time you have to eat dessert after a meal.
12. Your fingers and toes always have polish on them.
13. You make lists like there is no tomorrow.
14. You hate to wear shorts.
15. You always want to killer cut somebody. (When I get mad at something/someone I'll say that I'm going to cut them.)
I must say, he's pretty dead-on.

Has anyone ever told you something about yourself that surprised you?



  1. I had to laugh at one of these in particular, cuz it is SO fiance and I were just talking the other day about how I rarely order something new. He just had at one of our favorite places, and it wasn't nearly as good as what he normally orders. And, in that moment, I said, "that's why when I find something good, I stick to it. Then I'm not disappointed" haha

  2. I love these!

    I say The END too, always say "I'm going to cut a b&tch/I feel like cutting a b&tch" and am never without polish.

    He's observant!

  3. super cute list! lol. i mean i think it says a lot about M! :)

  4. These are great observations! Number 5 is me too- I've discovered it is an introvert trait. Also, number 11. Because why not?


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