Monday, July 8, 2013

Independence Day Weekend Recap

Well my looong 4th of July weekend consisted of the usual fare: food, family, friends, fun and fireworks. The first pic is of my sis and I with our patriotic "gear" on.

After spending the day with my fam, I went over to M's family for dinner. Oh, and they are big on fireworks. My fam was never big on them growing up...partly because they are slightly scary and partly because we live a mile from a major theme park and have always been able to see those fireworks from our house. Oh, and also partly because most fireworks are illegal in my state.

It's a good thing M's fam lives in another state*, where fireworks that shoot up into the sky are legal. This makes them much more firework-savvy. So, M's dad and brother in law put on a great fireworks "show" with a pretty awesome finale. I was majorly impressed.

Also, another couple of awesome things that happened over the weekend: watermelon cookies and a last-minute Target dress** find on the morning of the 4th of July (evidence below). A note on the watermelon cookies...

I do not like watermelon. Well, actually I don't enjoy melons of any kind. My friend made these adorable (if I do say so myself) cookies and I loved how cute they were. Naturally, I texted her the next day for the recipe and had a double batch made by noon. :) This is the kind of watermelon I can really be excited about! AND, they don't taste like watermelon at all. They are sugar cookies with vanilla icing...but how CUTE are they? I just can't get over their cuteness...

Speaking of cute are we? Or, how cute is M?! His presh li'l SC hat and shirt. Love him. Also, I think this pic does a fairly good job of showing how TALL M is. He's almost 6'5". 

What can I say, I like a tall drink of water, y'all. :D

So, now, tell me - how was YOUR weekend?


*Though M's parents live in a different state, it isn't very far away from me. In fact, M also lives in a different state, but isn't very far. I live (literally) 5 minutes from the NC/SC state line. 

**Dress is from Target - here. Cardi guessed it...Target as well.

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  1. You guys are cuuuuu-uuuute!!!

    And those cookies are adorrrrable!!

    I want to make them!!!!

  2. You guys are super cute.

    I also love the pic of you and your sister in your patriotic gear.

  3. Umm.. you guys are presh.

    That is all.


  4. The cookies look so yummy and that dress is fab!


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