Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing Checklist

M is taking me deep sea fishing this weekend.

He has been a bunch of times but I have never been before. Of course, I'm incredibly excited...but my Type A personality is a little bit worried.

I've never done this before. What do I wear? What do I bring? How do I act? I'm, by no means, a fisherwoman so I can't rely on my fishing skills to win people over. I'll have to rely on humor and my rapist wit. (anyone?)

Oh yeah, his company chartered the fishing boat so a bunch of his coworkers are going. People I've never met. Yeah.

So instead of worrying about what I CAN'T control, I'm going to worry about what I can control. And for me, that's means planning what I'm wearing and taking on the trip.

Y'all know how I roll...

So, in addition to my camera and LOTS of Dramamine, I'll probably be donning/bringing the following:

deep sea fishing

deep sea fishing by aprilanne147 featuring baseball caps

1. Fishing appropriate gear :)
2. Sunglasses and croakies...I assume it will be windy, right?
3. A hat or a visor. Is one more appropriate than the other? Are visors even still cool?
4. Sperrys. The quintessential fishing shoe.
5. Water bottle. Yep. Sea water is probably gross.
6. Chapstick WITH SPF. Learnt that lesson befo...
7. Hand sanitizer...to lessen the smell of fish guts.
8. Sunblock. SPF  70. I will be applying it liberally on the hour. The sun ain't no joke, y'all.
9. Rain jacket. Just in case. We've had some cray weather lately.
10. A tote to carry all my fun stuff and some snacks. Something sweet and something salty. 

Have any of you ever been on a fishing charter boat? Have you been deep sea fishing? I'm going on a half-day trip (baby steps, people). I'd love some tips or advice if you have any. Oh, and I'll probably be instagramming the heck outta this trip. You can follow me at aprilanne147 on Instagram if you'd like to see what happens. :) 



  1. I have been plenty of times, I sometimes think a sea-band? or other sea sickness like thing helps. I eat light until I have my bearings, you just never know if the waves will be rough. Stay outside more so than in the cabin the fresh air is better if you feel queesy! Have fun and catch something!

    Iris @ fancypantsny.com

  2. Deep sea fishing is a blast. Having grown up going with my dad taking me it looks your list covers just about everything. I'd also bring your suit to catch some rays, a beach towel when you get wet (because you will). An extra shirt for when you get covered in fish slime, your iPod for the long boat ride out to sea, bandaids (you might cut yourself), and a cooler of adult beverages ;-). Take the anti-nausau medicine early-- event he most seasoned boater gets sea sick that far out. You also might want to bring a fishing glove. Have fun!

  3. This is gonna sound so strange but in TX everyone (girls included) wear these to go fishing and go to the river or ocean:


    I have one and at first I thought it was ridiculous to wear a means shirt but.... I LOVE IT! A white one with the shorts you pictured would be so cute and functional. I totally recommend one for your deep see fishing adventures! Have fun!
    P.S. just started following and love your blog!


  4. I use to to go with my brothers all the time...a must bring/take
    is Dramamine! Hope you have great time!!!


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