Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Fashion Deals

This is about that time of year that a lot of summer clothes go on sale: sandals, shorts, skirts, dresses and tanks. It's a great time to catch a great deal. Each item below is less than $20.

Printed Twill Shorts
Starting at $12.97 - Old Navy

Jersey Tank Dress
$15.00 - Old Navy

Merona® Women's Doubleweave Skirt - Assorted Colors
Doubleweave Pencil Skirt
$11.48 - Target

Mossimo® Women's Pleated Peplum Tank - Assorted Colors

Pleated Peplum Tank
$12.58 - Target

Sunwashed T
$4.99 - Gap
Multi-Stripe Straw Tote
$17.00 - Old Navy

Cinch-Waist Maxi Tank Dress
$19.97 - Old Navy

Do y'all love summer bargains as much as I do? Tell me where you've found great deals, because I'm always on the lookout!! 

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I need to return something to Old Navy this week, so I'm hoping to get some tanks on sale when I go.

  2. I got some printed shorts similar to that from Old Navy last year. I love them - they are orange with white sailboats. However, the seam came undone, and now the open fabric is hanging out of one leg, while the other leg is nicely hemmed and tucked away. Gotta fix that. :/


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