Monday, July 29, 2013

Five Fashion Don'ts

I'm not much of a fashion risk taker when it comes to trends, styles and shapes. So, I'm, by no means a fashion consultant.

However, there are a few fashion ideas (I'm scared to call them actual trends) that I really just can't get behind. Like ever.

Below are five fashion don'ts.* (in my own humble opinion)

5 Fashion Don'ts

5 Fashion Don'ts by aprilanne147 featuring flip flop sandals

White Shoes
No matter how expensive or well cut white shoes are I just loathe them. All white shoes make me think of orthopedic/nursing shoes or dirty Walmart flip flops. (no offense to Walmart...but it's where you most often see people with white flip flops on that are so dirty they are almost gray) I just can't get behind an all-white shoe. Do a nude shoe. A black shoe. Even a black and white shoe...but save all white for girls under 12 to wear with their Easter dresses. Which brings me to my next don't...

Platform Flip Flops
Ladies, I'm totally guilty of this one. I had black ones back in the day. However, I do not still wear them. Please, if you have them...burn them. If you have white ones...there is no hope for your soul. 

I will always loathe these. Unless you're on a boat or at a racetrack these are inappropriate to wear in public. I would go as far as arguing that wearing them anywhere in public is a "don't" but I've learned to pick my battles. Jort (jean shorts) are just...a no. 

Floral Jeans
When I saw that these were coming back in style it made me think of the early 90s and not in a good way. Yikes. These are always and forevermore a don't.

Dolman Tops
Dolman sleeved or dolman tops look good on about 1% of the world's female population. They are unflattering, frumpy and just not cute. Sorry, but these are a whopping don't. 

Honorable Mentions
Ugg boots.

*It is not my intention to offend anyone with this post. It is simply a reflection on fashion trends that I, myself, could never partake of. It's all meant in good fun and jest. So, check yourself before you troll comment. The end. 

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  1. Platform flip flops totally make me cringe.

    I had to Google Dolman Sleeves. I'm not convinced they are that terrible.

    Are Jorts acceptable for ladies?
    I just typed "jean shorts" into pinterest. I think I concede. They were all hideous or hideously skanky except that ONE I just linked to above.

    I think your honorable mentions are on the top of my list of things I'll never wear. (Also on my personal list: camo, pink, sports jerseys and overalls.)

  2. I cannot locate any of my statement necklaces, but I'll tweet your linkup today!

    I love my jorts, which I wear to kick around.

    I hate any and all white shoes, floral jeans, Uggs, platform flip flops. Shiver. I also hate crocs and Jellies (who the hell brought those back)?


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