Wednesday, October 31, 2012

dear halloween...

Dear Halloween,
I'm sad that we have only recently really become friends. Growing up with a parent who doesn't like Halloween made it difficult to appreciate you, let alone create many traditions.

Dear Halloween,
I'm excited for new Halloween traditions that I've created as an adult and will continue to create throughout my lifetime. I think this year, I'll make these...

                                                                             Source: via April on Pinterest know, with all that leftover candy I'll have since I will probably only get 1 trick-or-treater...again.

Dear Halloween, 
Can you please not occur on a Wednesday next year? It kind of breaks of my work week in a weird way. Plus, it's way more obvi when I have to take the following day off work, inciting a "candy coma" as my excuse.

Dear Halloween,
No matter what you do, please don't ever, ever, EVER let me dress up as this scary clown, ever again. It's no wonder clowns freak me out now...holy cow this is frightening. 

So frightening  in fact, that I felt the need to blur out my friend's face. She shouldn't have to live with the guilt of posing in a picture with me in this hideous get-up. 

Dear Halloween, 
I mean it. If you ever see me gravitating towards a primary colored makeup pallet around this time of year, please send your flying monkey friends to stop me.

The end. 

Happy Halloween everyone!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OOTD: happy color

Cardigan: No label (similar, similar) // Jeans // Flats // Tank: Rue 21 // Necklace: Rue 21 (similar)

Well, y'all the cold weather has hit. (Thanks Frankenstorm!) I really wish I had more of these awesome shawl/wrap cardigans to wear this fall and winter. They are so comfy and warm.

I love this shade of pink. Perhaps it's my signature color? This just makes me happy when I wear it.

On a more serious note: My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been and are currently being affected by Hurricane Sandy and the storms along the Northeast and Midwest. I hope everyone is staying safe, dry and warm!

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday and Create, Hope, Inspire for Wardrobe Wednesday!

Monday, October 29, 2012

weekend update

Friends, I have discovered a new calling...

...impersonating Paula Deen. This weekend, I was Paula Deen for a friend's Halloween Party and it was seriously SO FUN. I stayed in character almost the entire night. (So much so, in fact, that someone I saw the next day commented that it was weird hearing what my normal voice sounded like after I talked like Paula all of the night before.

Anywho, you'd have never known I'm a bit of a wallflower at parties by how I acted on Friday night, but being Paula was so FUN! I totally had the guts to go up and talk to people I'd never spoken to before (as Paula of course). It was like slapping on a platinum/white wig and apron and carrying around sticks of butter made me a different person.

Here are a few photos from the party. These are the ones from my cell phone. The really good ones will probably appear in Friday's post. So, you'll just have to come back to see those. HEH.

Paula and butter
Mary Poppins and Paula
Paula and Psy from the Gangnam Style video

After all of the build-up for the Friday party, the rest of the weekend seemed like a bit of a let down. But, it did include a trip to Chili's (one of my fave restaurants) for dinner on Sunday to celebrate a friend's half birthday.

Yep, we celebrate half birthdays. Because that's just how we roll.

Oh, and I went to a haunted campground on Saturday night. It was pretty cool...albeit not that scary. Maybe I'm just jaded or maybe I realized these people aren't real and thus not scary? I just know that I wasn't really all that scared. I mean, sure, when an evil clown jumped out from the bushes or whatever, I screamed, but that was pretty much it.

Am I aging out of scary things? I sure hope not. I love scary things like that. Maybe I'll just have to stick to scary movies from now on.

Do you go to any spooky haunted houses for Halloween or is that mostly what teenagers do? I'm so out of touch. HAHA.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

confessional friday: fall & halloween edition

My doctor was so kind to give me some excellent medications for my sinus + ear infection on Wednesday. He was so kind in the medicinal dispensation, in fact, that this girl fell asleep on Wednesday night very early. Like, WAY early. Like, so early that I didn't write a blog post for Thursday.

So, that is why there was no post yesterday. But do not fret, friends! Today's post will be stellar. At least, I think it will be.

I've got some great confessions this week and I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition blog for Confessional Friday.

//1. I confess that I've been slightly obsessed with taking lots of fall foliage pictures and posting them on Instagram. I've created a #fallstagram hashtag. Well, perhaps I didn't create it, but I thought of it and used it. So, boom.

-Side note- Does the word "foliage" now make anyone else think of Michael & Jan's "safe word"?

//2. I confess that I'm SO excited to attend my BFF's Halloween party tonight. I spent yesterday evening helping her spookify her house and it is going to be SO fun. Now, if only this work day would just speed up...

//3. I confess that at said pre-Halloween party house spookification, I carved a pumpkin. I named him Juan Pablo. He's a Mexican Jack Ole-tern. Get it? BAHAHA. The name just came to me. I have an obsession with naming things.

//4. I confess that when I wrote "Jack Ole-tern" in my last confession I laughed out loud. Of COURSE no one is around for me to share my funny moment with. Except for Hewitt. But he doesn't get puns. He's rather serious and not very punny. ;)

//5. I confess that I bought a new apron for my Halloween costume. It was super-cute and only $9!! I mean, it's an apron...I'll definitely get more use out of it than just for my costume.

-Side note- I will probably be Instagramming like a fiend this weekend. If you want to join in on my fun, you can follow me on Instagram at aprilanne147. Mmmkay.

//6. I confess that a friend made chocolate chip pumpkin bread and it was DELICIOUS. I tell y'all what, my mind is slowly being changed about eating pumpkin stuff. First, the pumpkin cookies and then pumpkin bread. WHO AM I?

//7. My [self-diagnosed] OCD is still fighting the urge to not leave my confessions at an even number. Even numbers are bad. Odd numbers are good. It's all about balance. So, even though this isn't a real confession, it will still take the place of one and allow me to have 7 confessions this week.

7=the Biblical number of perfection
7=my favorite number

Wow. This has gotten way off topic. I blame the medicine. The end.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OOTD: western influence

Dress: Old Navy (similar) // Tights: Walmart // Boots // Cardigan // Necklace: Amazon

This is my favorite outfit that I've styled with these boots, to date. It's a little bit country and a little bit chic. I resisted the urge to pair this with a denim jacket because it made me look too boxy and because I felt it would take the western influences in this outfit to full-on costume proportions. 

I picked this little dress up in the clearance section at Old Navy for $9. I realize it's a"boobalicious" (sorry male readers...I just have no filter) as my Mom would say, so I'll probably wear a cami underneath when I actually rock this outfit in public. 

I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday and EBEW.

Image 5687


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

on politics and religion

I don’t often talk about politics on my blog. It’s just one of those things that I think is private. I enjoy talking about them one-on-one or in small groups of people, but not broadcasting my political beliefs for everyone to see. That’s just how I roll. I think it has more to do with my dislike of confrontation than my need for privacy. So, in other words, I’m a wimp. But that’s okay. It takes all kinds.
I’m not so private about writing about my religion on my blog and I feel like I make it pretty obvious what my religious beliefs are in various places on my blog. Like on my “about me” photo à or my “about me” page.
So, it may come as somewhat of a surprise that I’m not voting “religiously” in this upcoming Presidential Election.
This means I’m not using my faith to determine my vote. I DO believe that my faith influences how I perceive things and what issues I agree or disagree with, for sure. But because of the background of both candidates, I simply can’t vote for the candidate that I feel most closely aligns with my belief in Jesus Christ. Neither candidate specifically claims to be under the authority of Jesus…so where does that leave me?
Not voting? No. I know many Christians who are choosing not to vote because they can’t justify faith and politics in this particular election. I don’t feel this is right. Voting is a right. It’s an expression of freedom. People died to get that right.  If you don’t vote at all, that’s your thing. If you’re just not voting in this election because you can’t decide “which evil is worse” (actual quote I heard someone say) then I DON’T agree with that.
You see, though my faith influences everything I do, say and think, it also has shaped my worldview. It has shaped my views on the economy, on foreign policy, on taxes, on immigration and on capital punishment, to name a few. These are all big issues that both presidential candidates address specifically and often differ on. Where each candidate stands on these issues IS important to me because it is important to the success of this country. My faith "filters" my vote, but doesn't determine it in this election.
And can I just say something? Democrats are not evil. Republicans are not evil. Libertarians are not evil. People are not parties. Parties only include people. President Obama is not evil. Governor Romney is not evil. Both of these candidates, in particular, deserve my prayer more than any other candidate in my particular lifetime because they both have yet to claim The Truth of Jesus Christ.  Also, Jesus is never going to run for President…in case you were holding out for Him to do so. We need to live in the present. There is a real election going on that can determine the fate of our country and we have a say in it. Claiming "Jesus for President" isn't realistic. But that's more of a personal annoyance than anything.
So, despite all of my jumbled thoughts and rambling, I ask that you, my readers do the following:
1. Pray (if you are the praying kind) for both political candidates often. Pray that they would be honest and trustworthy leaders. Pray that the penetrating truth of the Gospel will touch them. Pray for their safety and well-being.
2. Vote.  If you can’t justify your faith and your vote, then don’t vote based on your faith. Vote for the candidate whose views on other issues more closely match your own.
I’m not voting “religiously” this election. I’m voting economically. And that’s why I’m voting for…

Heh. Thought I’d say it, didn’t you? Well, that’s another day and another conversation, friends. I just hope that my random thoughts got you thinking as well.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


halloween costume ideas

The big day is almost here! I can't wait to get into my Paula costume this weekend. (Pics will definitely surface on Monday.)

If, by chance, you haven't figured out your costume yet, here are some easy ideas that can be pulled together on a budget.

modern halloween costumes

modern halloween costumes 2


Have you figured out your costume yet?


Monday, October 22, 2012

my weekend senses

I spent way too much time trying to think of a creative way to summarize my weekend for y'all. I finally came up with the idea of explaining my weekend using the five senses. So, here is my weekend, according to taste, sight, smells, touch and sounds.

My weekend tastes: pizza, meatball subs, hot dogs and s'mores at a bonfire and oatmeal homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

My weekend sights: bonfire, people impersonations, amazing fall leaf canopy (see photo below), football wins and defeats and Ugly Betty re-runs on Netflix.

My weekend smells: roasted marshmallows and weenies, cookies baking, "Autumn" candle from Bath & Body Works, strong chemical scents from the nail salon and clean laundry.

My weekend sounds: the ambient noise from football games on tv, the ice cream man in my neighborhood (which is just's OCTOBER!), leaves rustling and falling in the breeze and the worship band playing one of my new favorite songs "Great I Am" at church.

My weekend touches: Brenda doing my gel manicure at the nail salon, hugs from friends at church and random friends I ran into at restaurants, borrowing a friend's cowboy boots when my li'l ballet flats weren't keeping my feet warm enough at the bonfire and touching a cold hot dog (and y'all know how much that freaks me out) to put on tongs to roast.

I'm linking up with Sami & Dana for today's "sensical" Weekend Update.

What did you do this weekend?!


Friday, October 19, 2012

instafessional friday

Ah yes, Friday. The day of the week when pizza is consumed more than any other day.

No lie.

Okay, maybe I made that up. But it's probably really true because everyone and their mother orders/makes pizza on Friday nights. Or do I just live in a weird universe of Friday Pizza Eaters?

Anywhoodle, let's get to this week's confessions, shall we? I'm linking up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for today's post.

//1. I confess that my new-found love for Japanese hibachi reached epic levels when I attempted to make my own hibachi dinner.

It was an epic fail.

Yep. Well, I should clarify. It was an epic fail to me. Everyone else loved it. It just didn't taste like authentic Japanese hibachi. I was sad. Perhaps I should have added MSG? I'm actually only slightly kidding...

//2. I confess that my little monster, aka Hewitt, got groomed and, well, he's unfortunately U-G-L-Y with short hair. I just love his furry hair. It's way cuter to me. So, I call him U-G-L-Y and spell it out. That way he won't know I'm insulting him.

//3. I confess that I had a good hair day this week and my immediate thought? Of COURSE no one is really around to witness it. Ugh. So, I did the next best thing and took a selfie of my good hair day. You know, so the rest of the world could enjoy it.

My vanity is practically oozing out of this confession.

//4.  I confess that I made my annual Christmas powerpoint yesterday. That makes me sound really greedy. It's simply a tangible reflection of my Type A, OCD tendencies. I simply create a slide or two with photos of things I would like for Christmas with information about them. This year, I have 4 things on my list. :) Perhaps I'll share them with you when it gets a little closer to Christmas.

//5. I confess that I've already crossed 2 people off of my Christmas gift list because I've already purchased all of their gifts. Yep. And it's October 19. Ha!

Do you have any confessions this week? I'd love to hear! I'm also linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for InstaFriday!

Have a wonderful and happy weekend. I'm pretty sure mine will contain Japanese hibachi, but you should come back on Monday for a weekend re-cap anyway to see.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

OOTD: outfit fails

Often, an outfit seems like a great idea in theory and then fails to live up to expectation in the actual execution part.

I've had a few of these outfit fails in the past few months and I'm going to share them today. Lucky y'all! :) The best way to see if outfits "work" is to see them in a photo. Posting these today will allow me to explain why I don't think they worked.

The floral skirt outfit is cute, in theory. However, the baggy, blousy (read: not fitted) feel of the top and cardigan just don't look right with the skirt. It would be better with a pencil skirt. The flats...just add to the bleh-ness. I was having a good hair day though...HA!

The outfit with the scarf just doesn't look right to me. I think the scarf should maybe be tied differently and it should be a different color. I think that also is what annoys me about this outfit...too many dark colors.

The pink and black is the closest to not being an outfit fail. The pants just give me weird lines. And the pseudo "preggo" pose on the right just makes it weirder.

I was really excited about the last outfit. Until I put it on. Those jeans are the ones that I returned. As much as I love Old Navy, I just can't wear their jeans. They fit so weird. I'm still not totally on board with tucking my jeans into my boots. Because mama's got some big ol' thighs and they just look even larger tucked into boots. But I've not given up on boots and jeans just yet.

Do you ever have days where you want an outfit do-over?


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OOTD: boot sisters

Top: Old Navy // Skirt // Boots // Necklace: Amazon

I finally got a new pair of boots and I'm so excited to style them. I already had one outfit fail at church on Sunday. Actually, the outfit wasn't a fail...the new jeans I bought to wear with the boots were a fail. It was one of those they-fit-in-the-store-but-look-ridiculously-large-after-I-wear-them-one-time deals. Now, I have to take them back and that's a whole other ordeal. I hate returning things. Ugh.

Anywho, I've discovered my love for pencil skirts and boots. I tried my new boots with this cute little red pencil skirt. I'm not totally sold on the top with this, but hey, that's what these outfit shoots are for...learning what I like and what I don't like together. Also, I'm not so sure about the belt-loops-without-a-belt look. Forward thinking tells me it's no big deal. 27 years of Southern fashion tells me it's a faux pas.

I think next time I'll pair this with a black top. I love black, red and camel together. Speaking of black and camel, my sister is making a guest appearance in my blog post today. She wore this super-cute outfit to church on Sunday and I knew I wanted to post it on my blog. 

Top: Rue 21 // Jeans: Jessica Simpson // Boots: Urban Originals // Necklace: Old Navy

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One more thing. I just had to share this adorb photo I took of Hewitt. He just got a hair cut and he was passed out on the ottoman. Presh.

Yes, I censored his man parts. I don't allow full nudity on this blog. ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

celeb crushes I hate to admit

Hello lovely readers. I should probably warn you that today's post is unashamedly, unabashedly, shallow. The end.

There are some celeb crushes that you don't mind saying out loud. These are the fairly common crushes that other people also probably have.

Then, there are some celeb crushes that you're not as likely to admit. Perhaps because they aren't considered heartthrobs. Perhaps they are way older or younger than you. Or, maybe they are just weird. You know, like Johnny Depp weird.

Anywho, here are some of MY celebrity crushes that I hate to admit.

1. Joe Buck. Many "sports people" I know loathe him. However, I love him. Especially when he wears his glasses. I think for me it's the lethal combination of blonde hair + sports knowledge. 

2. Seth MeyersPerhaps this is because he's just a hilarious person? I don't know, exactly. But funny guys definitely do well with the ladies. :)

3. Billy BurkeI'm scared to admit this one. I mean, for a long time I could only think of him as Charlie Swan. Then I started watching Revolution. All of sudden, sweet, older Charlie Swan is now powerful and wise Miles Matheson. Talk about an image change!

4. SlashThis one may not be a huge surprise. I love the rockers. Though Slash isn't a "looker" he's definitely beyond gifted in the talent department. Being ridiculously good in music makes so-so guys irresistible to women...cough...Steven Tyler...cough...Axel Rose...cough cough...Dee Snider.

5. Tony RomoThis one is hard for me to admit because of my innate dislike of the Dallas Cowboys. I grew up in a household that hated them and continue to be a C-boy hater to this day. This man would look SO much better in gold and black, wouldn't he? Still, he's one of the ones I hate to admit is cute.

Do you have any celebrity crushes you hate to admit?


Monday, October 15, 2012

how to style colored pants

My sister recently purchased a pair of bright green skinny cords and wore a black shirt with them because she wasn't quite sure how to style them. Well, actually, that's a nice way of putting it. I believe the conversation between she and my mother went like this...

Sister [to Mother]: Do you like my new pants?

Mother: Um, I think you could do better than a black t-shirt. I'm disappointed. 

BAHAHAHAHHA. My mom, she just calls it like she sees it. This conversation resulted in my sister asking
ME for help with styling the pants. ME?? You want ME to help you? 


So, I did what I do best and put together some outfits on Polyvore for her using the exact pants she has. I also used a lot of items that she already has in her wardrobe, so this is pretty tailored to her taste.

My sister has a penchant for flowy, drapey tops, fur vests and desert boots. Sigh. And we came from the same womb. She loves neutrals and earth tones so incorporating a lot of other colors was pretty out of the question. I used a lot of white, gray and tan/camel to accent this bright green.

But I am proud that she chose the green pants. They had black, gray and denim, so for her to choose green is a big step. So, maybe we do share some genetic traits...

how to wear colored pants 2

These outfits aren't so much for my sister as for everyone else. Her style is very unique. Colored pants don't HAVE to be styled with neutrals. Above, 2 of the outfits are primarily styled with neutrals but one is styled with another color. 

I do realize that not everyone is quite as brave with color as I am. Me? I'd style the purple with mustard and maybe some charcoal gray or the purple pants with turquoise and navy.

Do you have colored pants? How do you style them?


Friday, October 12, 2012

latest drugstore beauty faves

Like any proper Southern woman, it's rare for me to leave the house without wearing makeup. 

Like any thrifty Southern woman, it's rare for me to leave the house wearing expensive makeup. 

I appreciate a great deal for anything, but ESPECIALLY makeup. I wear it and I wear it often. So I don't like paying a whole lot for it, you know?

Here are some drugstore makeup faves I'm crushing on right now...

//1. NYC High Definition Volume Mascara. 
As a life-long fan of the beloved pink and green mascara, I was skeptical to try this one. Let me tell y'all I'm now a HUGE fan. I've even won over my mascara-lovin' sister as well!

//2. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer.
I thought the color wouldn't be very saturated because it said "shimmer" and I was happily wrong in that assumption. For a shimmer balm the color is nicely saturated with a bit of shimmer and Burt's all-natural formulas.

//3. Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil.
This is a great pencil. It can do a great sharp line or smudge for a smoky eye. At less than $5, it's a definite steal!!

//4. Maybelline Dream Fresh Beauty Balm.
This is great for those days that you don't want a full face of makeup, but a little something to smooth everything out. This is for what I'd call a "grocery store" face. :)

//5. Wet n Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder.
All of the colors swirl together for a believable, natural flush with a hint of shimmer. I really love this stuff.

//6. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow.
While this definitely doesn't last 24 hours like the packaging claims, it does produce a fairly saturated hue that lasts well over 8 hours without any sort of primer. Plus, the creamy texture doesn't get little powder flakes in your eyes. Win win!

Do you have any drugstore beauty favorites?

Happy Friday, lovelies!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 things my future husband should know

I read Sami's hilarious post yesterday and I knew I had to do my own version. Whenever the good Lord decides that it's time for me to meet Mr. Right, (please Lord...there's no time like the present) I think it's very important that he knows that there are some things about me that...well...let's just say, it would be best if he knew up front. 

//1. I hate tucked in sheets. 
I hate when bedding is tight and tucked in. I almost always have my sheets untucked and my comforter loose on my bed. When I go to sleep, I wrap it around me, burrito-style. I think that's why the Ikea catalog beds appeal to me so much. 

//2. I'll always opt to vacuum over other chores.
Vacuuming is fun to me. I like it. I'll take it over dishes or bathroom ANY DAY.

//3. When I'm stressed or upset, I like to bake.
It's so weird but true. A stressed out April needs only to get out the mixer and the measuring cups and watch the stress level go down. It should be noted that if you come home and I'm frenetically baking and crying at the same time...something is wrong.

//4. Hewitt has a voice.
I know this makes me a crazy dog lady, but yes, Hewitt talks. Well...I talk for him. To other people. And he has a lisp. And sometimes curses.

//5. I'm big on Christmas.
I should probably just put it out there that I'm one of those people who puts up her Christmas tree in November. I have to consciously force myself to wait until Thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music. I shop for most of my gifts in October/November and put a lot of effort in wrapping them. So, yeah...I'm big on Christmas.

Is there any advice you wish you'd shared with your significant other? Do you have any advice to your future significant other?