Thursday, October 18, 2012

OOTD: outfit fails

Often, an outfit seems like a great idea in theory and then fails to live up to expectation in the actual execution part.

I've had a few of these outfit fails in the past few months and I'm going to share them today. Lucky y'all! :) The best way to see if outfits "work" is to see them in a photo. Posting these today will allow me to explain why I don't think they worked.

The floral skirt outfit is cute, in theory. However, the baggy, blousy (read: not fitted) feel of the top and cardigan just don't look right with the skirt. It would be better with a pencil skirt. The flats...just add to the bleh-ness. I was having a good hair day though...HA!

The outfit with the scarf just doesn't look right to me. I think the scarf should maybe be tied differently and it should be a different color. I think that also is what annoys me about this outfit...too many dark colors.

The pink and black is the closest to not being an outfit fail. The pants just give me weird lines. And the pseudo "preggo" pose on the right just makes it weirder.

I was really excited about the last outfit. Until I put it on. Those jeans are the ones that I returned. As much as I love Old Navy, I just can't wear their jeans. They fit so weird. I'm still not totally on board with tucking my jeans into my boots. Because mama's got some big ol' thighs and they just look even larger tucked into boots. But I've not given up on boots and jeans just yet.

Do you ever have days where you want an outfit do-over?



  1. I would love to see a post on HOW to wear boots. I want to buy boots but not sure if I should get the ankle kind...Mid Calf...Knee Highs. I'm drawn to boots especially with a cute dress but have no idea how to wear them. Plenty of Outfit Fails in my history. My job doesn't require "dressy" so I'm pretty much in jeans...every day.

  2. I know what you mean about tucking jeans into boots, but you should try skinny jeans. You might think they wouldn't work for you, but that's what I thought, as I too have big thighs. But they are actually very slimming. They are way easier to style with boots and they look awesome with flats! By the way, I really like some of those outfits that you thought were fails!

    1. Josie, actually the jeans that I'm wearing with the boots ARE skinny jeans but they were a size too big. I'm not brave enough to wear them sans boots, but maybe someday!

  3. You need to stop being scared of skinny jeans, with or without boots. Tanesha Aswathi rocks them, so you can too!

    1. That's a good point, Selah. I didn't even think about that!


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