Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OOTD: simplicity

Pants // Tank: Rue 21 // Cardigan // Shoes // Necklace : J Crew via Ebay

Ah, sometimes it's nice to revel in the simplicity of black trouser pants. Iconic, classic and powerful all wrapped up together. 

Also, props to LOFT for having pants that fit (and flatter) those of us with, urm, the junketh in the trunketh. These actually fit my waist AND hips and didn't have to be tailored. THAT'S a good pair of pants! 

I'm a bit sad that you can't see my leopard pumps in these pics very well. The purple tank and pumps "April-ify" this outfit because I do not like to wear all neutrals together. It makes me sad. On a happier note, I just invented a verb. "April-ify". It's so fetch.

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  1. Luis would want me to say, "Stop trying to make fetch happen."


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