Wednesday, October 31, 2012

dear halloween...

Dear Halloween,
I'm sad that we have only recently really become friends. Growing up with a parent who doesn't like Halloween made it difficult to appreciate you, let alone create many traditions.

Dear Halloween,
I'm excited for new Halloween traditions that I've created as an adult and will continue to create throughout my lifetime. I think this year, I'll make these...

                                                                             Source: via April on Pinterest know, with all that leftover candy I'll have since I will probably only get 1 trick-or-treater...again.

Dear Halloween, 
Can you please not occur on a Wednesday next year? It kind of breaks of my work week in a weird way. Plus, it's way more obvi when I have to take the following day off work, inciting a "candy coma" as my excuse.

Dear Halloween,
No matter what you do, please don't ever, ever, EVER let me dress up as this scary clown, ever again. It's no wonder clowns freak me out now...holy cow this is frightening. 

So frightening  in fact, that I felt the need to blur out my friend's face. She shouldn't have to live with the guilt of posing in a picture with me in this hideous get-up. 

Dear Halloween, 
I mean it. If you ever see me gravitating towards a primary colored makeup pallet around this time of year, please send your flying monkey friends to stop me.

The end. 

Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. Dear Halloween,
    Thank you for your candy induced frivolity. You make an otherwise boring Wednesday extraordinary.
    The Quarter.

    1. Are you doing the Quarter today?!?! Send a pic!

  2. My mom didn't like Halloween either. Once or twice my dad convinced her to let us trick-or-treat and we occasionally got to go to those "Harvest Festival" things that Southern churches do. But mostly Halloween was a bust. :(

    Now that I have kids, we have some Halloween traditions. We always go to the same pumpkin patch and Bert carves Jack-o-lanterns for them (this year my son carved his own). We leave a bowl of candy on our porch and go trick-or-treating as a family. And, of course, we watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

    Somewhere there is a picture of Bert in a very similar clown costume. Creepy!

  3. Love the clown costume! haha too funny!

  4. Hahahaha the clown costume is too funny! Hope your Halloween has been fabulous!


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