Tuesday, October 9, 2012

halloween costume reveal

I've decided on my Halloween costume and I really, REALLY can't wait. My BFF is having a Halloween party this year (she finally talked her hubby into it) and I am so excited to go!

I'm kind of obsessed with Halloween costumes. I'm also kind of snobby about them. I don't like the...ahem..."sexy" costumes so much. Plus...store bought costumes for adults? BOO. Homemade costumes? YAY! Homemade costumes with store bought elements....that's me! I'm the Sandra Lee of Halloween costumes.

For example, two of my most recent costumes included both homemade and store bought items.

My costume on the left (Swine Flu...don't laugh...it was more appropriate and funny at the time) included store bought wings and pig nose and jogging suit (though I already had it). I made ears and a tail for it. The costume on the right (A Loofah which is timeless and classic...lol) consisted of leggings and a top I already had and I added store bought tulle that I bunched and pinned to the black shirt. 

For this year's costume, I'll need to purchase one thing...a wig.
halloween costume idea

Have you figured it out yet? 

This might help...I'm also going to be carrying these around to hand out to people...

YYEEESSS!!! I'm going to attempt to be one of my modern role models for Halloween...

Mrs. Paula Deen! Y'all I can't wait! I've been watching her show trying to nail down her signature "accent" and I'll do my best to get it right on Halloween. I will definitely take pictures and post them for y'all. 

Have you decided on your Halloween costume yet?



  1. i love your paula deen costume idea! i've had a great idea for the same costume for 3 halloweens now and haven't gotten to wear it yet! guess i just need to throw a party myself!

  2. I'm totally copying this. We're in different states so it's okay.


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