Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 things my future husband should know

I read Sami's hilarious post yesterday and I knew I had to do my own version. Whenever the good Lord decides that it's time for me to meet Mr. Right, (please Lord...there's no time like the present) I think it's very important that he knows that there are some things about me that...well...let's just say, it would be best if he knew up front. 

//1. I hate tucked in sheets. 
I hate when bedding is tight and tucked in. I almost always have my sheets untucked and my comforter loose on my bed. When I go to sleep, I wrap it around me, burrito-style. I think that's why the Ikea catalog beds appeal to me so much. 

//2. I'll always opt to vacuum over other chores.
Vacuuming is fun to me. I like it. I'll take it over dishes or bathroom ANY DAY.

//3. When I'm stressed or upset, I like to bake.
It's so weird but true. A stressed out April needs only to get out the mixer and the measuring cups and watch the stress level go down. It should be noted that if you come home and I'm frenetically baking and crying at the same time...something is wrong.

//4. Hewitt has a voice.
I know this makes me a crazy dog lady, but yes, Hewitt talks. Well...I talk for him. To other people. And he has a lisp. And sometimes curses.

//5. I'm big on Christmas.
I should probably just put it out there that I'm one of those people who puts up her Christmas tree in November. I have to consciously force myself to wait until Thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music. I shop for most of my gifts in October/November and put a lot of effort in wrapping them. So, yeah...I'm big on Christmas.

Is there any advice you wish you'd shared with your significant other? Do you have any advice to your future significant other?



  1. Before we got married my husband should have known that I like EVERYTHING scheduled, planned, organized, and mapped out ahead of time. I don't DO spontaneous.
    If I had been fully aware of this 12 years ago, I would have warned him. That's one of the problems with getting married really young - you don't know yourself well.
    Thankfully, we've figured it out together and he (mostly) appreciates my extreme organization. :)

  2. Oh Christmas is my absolute favorite! Like ever! And my cat Jackson has a voice. He's a thug. Hahaha!

  3. Too cute! I love that you did your own version! I hate sheets in general haha. I have a fitted sheet and a down comforter and that's it! I'll ad a blanket on top if I'm cold :) Anddd I also bake when I'm stressed or angry! It helps calm me down! xoxo

  4. We are alike on all but #2. I hate vacuuming! Bleck!


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