Monday, October 1, 2012

weekend wrap up and blog redesign

Hello friends.

Sometimes going back to work after a great weekend is hard to do.

Nah, who am I kidding...going back to work after ANY weekend is hard to do!

Here's the rundown of how my weekend went down in a conveniently numbered list. (Y'all know I love my lists...)

1. I got my first ever gel manicure. Which I loved. Though I might be slightly skeptical that it will last 3 weeks like the lady told me it would. Only time will tell...

2. I caught up on the latest episodes of some of my favorite shows and tried out a few new ones on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I caught up on New Girl and The Office and I watched The Mindy Project, Revolution, New Normal and Made in Jersey for the first time. Pretty good stuff. I must admit that I'm all about Revolution now.

3. I tried a new church with my best friend. It's a weird process, I must admit.

4. I had dinner with a friend to catch up at one of my favorite restaurants, Chili's. Yes, I said Chili's. I can't help it, I heart it.

5. I watched my boys wreak some second half havoc on the 'Cats. Not gonna lie, going in to half time I was straight worried.

6. I watched my men in a heartbreaking last minute loss to the Packers. It's been a sad year so far.

7. Um, I may or may not have added another cardigan to my collection. But this one is in a really daring and fun color for me...mustard yellow. Outfit posts to come later this week. Oh wait, I just gave myself away...dang.

8. I had my blog redesigned. (Read TSF from a feed reader? Click here to see the new look.)

I've been toying around with a blog redesign for awhile because, well, I've surpassed my own level of coding and blog customization knowledge. So I thought I'd hire someone who knows more than I do. ;)

Aubrey blogs over at The Kinch Life and is just about the sweetest girl on the planet. She was gracious enough to work on my blog and deal with my slightly OCD tendencies to produce a blog design that totally suits me. I think she did a fantastic job! If you'd like to partake of Aubrey's awesome design services, visit her design blog here.

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  1. the new blog design is great! i'm going to check out aubrey for a possible design on my blog as well. :) what did you think of the mindy project? i'm not sure if i love it or not. i've never gotten a gel manicure myself, but several of my friends have and they definitely lasted the full three weeks with no chips! it was amazing to see! don't be embarrassed about your love for chili's either... it's one of my favorite restaurants, too! they have the best guacamole of any place i've found!

    1. I'm sure Aubrey would love to work with you!! She's great!

      I'm kind of "eh" on the Mindy Project. I'll probably watch a few more episodes anyway because I really think she's funny. Plus, Ed Helms had a cameo in the first episode?!?! He's my fave!

      Oh my gosh, Chili's guacamole is DIVINE! Who would have thought a place like that would have such amazing guacamole?!! HAHA, now I'm hungry.:)

  2. look at you and your fun new look! i loved the old one too - but this is fresh and fun as well!!! :) adorbs!

    i too added a mustard cardigan to my collection last week! i always say mustard isn't good on me, but i am beginning to have so much of it in my closet now! whoops!

    and i 100% approve of your tv taste!

    1. YES! Mustard cardis are really life changing. I feel so happy when I wear it!

  3. Dad would love your Chilis plug today :) miss you friend.

    1. X, I would plug Chili's every day on my blog for a supply (or the recipe) of that delicious guac. HAHAHA. How's Chucktown?

    2. I can prob do both but def the recipe as long as you keep it top secret :) Chucktown is great...come visit!!


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