Monday, May 11, 2015

Bright Colors + Pale Skin = A Fashion DO!

As a lifelong wearer of pale skin I've learned a thing or two about the colors that tend to look best on it. My skin is pale with a cool undertone...meaning, bluish tones. If you're unsure of what your skin's undertone is, this may help.

I have a sweet work friend who was chatting with me about this the other day. She said, "I love your colors." (meaning the colors I wear) She said she's always heard that people with lighter/paler skin should shy away from brights because it makes them look paler than they are. (she also has pale skin)

This is old school fashion thought. Old school says to wear colors in the same intensity as your skin pale people wear paler shades. Basically, it's not a good thing to look pale...they say. But I say, to heck with that way of thinking. Pale people can wear bright colors and ROCK them. Embrace the paleness and it's okay to not try and look "tan" all the time! I call pale skin wearing brights a new school fashion rule.

Yes, I threw Snow White in there. She was one of the first pale girls to rock those primary brights, after all. Pale-hued modern ladies these days can draw inspiration from celebrities like Emma Stone, Rooney Mara and Zooey Deschanel who all rock their pale skin proudly.

The point of this post isn't to isolate or offend, it's to show that us pale ladies can buck the fashion rules a little and wear bright colors. Even though I love a soft pastel on a pale girl with pale hair, I still almost always wear brights as a go to. My favorite colors to wear are pink, red, cobalt blue and jade green. But I also love purple, aqua and coral.

Do you like to wear brights?


  1. I'm a shade darker than pale (whatever than would be!) so I have a tough time with oranges, peaches, and some pinks. I feel like I blend into them too much. I love brights, though!

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  3. WOW! Amazing content that pink girl looks so dapper in that dress x!

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  4. I am glad to see that. My dog has such skin type as well so bright colored dog clothing will be worth it.


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