Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday's Mumbling + Why is Boxing Still a Thing?!

A few random thoughts for today.

//1. This weekend was beautiful. M and I went hiking at a local nature/river walk area near where we live. This is like the third time we've done something like this in the last 3 months. When did I become one of those people? When did I become a hiking/outdoors girl? It just happened!

//2. People. WHY IS BOXING STILL A THING? Seriously. I understand in the 60s and 70s when people didn't have the variety of entertainment available at their fingertips like they do today. So, I ask again, why is boxing still a thing? I've never been a fan of boxing and I'm so over it. (For the record, I'm also not a UFC/MMA or wrestling fan either.) Not to mention that this "big fight" turned into some huge back-and-forth about domestic abuse and it wasn't really even about the actual fight. I just don't get it. PLUS it cost $100 to watch it?!?! No thank you. Moving on.

//3. I made this Cheesy Chicken Wrapped Bacon goodness over the weekend and it was amazing. The only problem is (and this is a common problem in our current house) that any time I make anything that is quasi smokey (like bacon) in the oven, the smoke detector goes off. Every. Dang. Time. I cooked this for 45 min and guess how many times the blasted thing went off?? Four. Yes, FOUR. My poor dog was curled into the tiniest ball behind the couch he was so scared. And my poor husband kept having to get up and silence it...because he's the only one that can reach it. By the time the chicken was ready, I needed a drink.

//4. Sometimes, I angry clean my house. I get so frustrated with how "dirty" something is that I go bananas and clean like a mad woman. I mean, my house is always Company Clean...well at least the downstairs is...but for some reason I'd had it with the kitchen so I angry cleaned it for about an hour. I'm talking washing walls, removing stove grates to clean, cleaning the trashcan, the fridge, the sink, taking everything off the countertops and scrubbing...I was probably a little insane. I have no idea where the anger comes from...probably because cleaning kitchens is my least favorite chore of all. But the only way I could describe it is angry cleaning. If that makes any sense.

//5. M and I are about 1/2 of the way through the house buying process now. Well, we have a closing date...but I'm suspect of it. Don't they always get moved around? Anywho, all I've been doing lately is daydreaming about how I will decorate the new place. And painting the walls. I've never been more excited to paint the walls in my life!

Well, that's all for now. I hope my random thoughts didn't scare you away. :) Did you have a good weekend?


  1. YAY for a closing date! Ours didn't get moved but I think it isn't uncommon.

    We will help you move! And paint! And do whatever! : ) I'm good at taping up the trim!

  2. They do frequently move closing dates around.

    I am an angry cleaner too!

    Also not sure why boxing is a thing. Or UFC or MMA but at least in the latter two it seems more like an actual bout and not a dance.


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