Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends to Try

Yeah, I know...trends are...well...trendy. They come and go. Even though I wouldn't call myself the most trendy person, I do love that trends inspire me to step out of my comfort zone, fashionistically speaking.(...yes that is a made up word...)

Some of this seasons trends are a little weird or definitely not do-able for me. For example, you'll never see me jumping on the boho bandwagon or or rocking 80s wear. It's just not me. But there are some spring/summer fashion trends that are very wearable for the average person. Here are 3 of my favorites below.


Gingham + Neon: I am totally behind this. The only problem is that I don't really have anything that is neon...yet.

Mint + Gray: This is one I think even the most fashion anxious can jump into. Mint goes with a lot of colors but it's very beautiful with shades of gray. Just keep your shades of gray to 1...and not 50. I keed, I keed. :)

Bold Black + White Pattern: I'm not talking your usual stripes or polka dots here...these are bold graphic prints that are large and definitely not subtle. Look for grid patterns, florals, color blocking or even a great black and white animal print. Bold is definitely in when it comes to black and white this spring and summer.

Would you try any of these trends?


  1. I love mint and gray. I love gingham and bright colors, but not neon. It hurts my sensibilities. I'm also a fan of the bold black and white. I have large houndstooth check pants on today.

  2. That blue gingham shirt and yellow skirt is such a great look. Love the trends you highlighted in this post! Have a great weekend :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  3. Nice. look very great


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