Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 Summer Shoes I Heart

Dang I love a cute shoe.

Summer is, in my opinion, the best season for shoes because you can pretty much wear any kind! Not to knock boots, but I don't love them as much as I do my ballet flats, sandals and wedges. Plus, warm-weather shoes are just way cuter. Right?

Shoe trends come and go...some hideous (in my opinion) and some not so bad. However, I've never considered myself to be a trendsetter when it comes to shoes. I go for the three F's in shoe finding...Function, Fashion and Fabulous. Meaning, they should be I can walk around in them, they should blend or be homogeneous with my fashion tastes and wardrobe and they should also have some sort of fabulous factor. Maybe it's just a fun peep-toe or a shimmery fabric...but they have a little fun edge to make them fabulous!

Here are some of my current faves for this summer. Note: These are all work-appropriate...well, at least for my work. I didn't put any cute flip flops or beach shoes...because...I have 3 pairs of Rainbows already so I'm good. :)

Now all of these are from Sole Society (no they didn't sponsor anything...I just like their shoes and they are good quality...).

I love a good peep-toe wedge and those cobalt blue beauties are just calling my name.

Gladiator sandals are fun and funky. I have tiny ankles...which I like to highlight with these types of shoes...the only problem is that sometimes if they cut too high, they make my legs look even bigger than they are. So, something to be aware of when looking at gladiator sandals. Ideally, the top cuts right above your ankle bone and not into the bottom of your leg or calf.

The mid-length heel is my newest best friend for work. It's still a heel, so you can get away with it. But to me, it seems more sensible and professional. But just because it's a mid-length heel doesn't mean it can't be fabulous and professional, right? Some women may think a mid-length heel is cheating but they are probably women who wear open-toe stripper shoes with their business let's just not go there. Mmmkay?

Finally, y'all know I love a good flat. And mesh with polka dots? In love!

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  1. I love those blue shoes, and they don't seem too high. I haven't been on sole society much, I should check them out more.


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