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Womens Fashion - From a Man's Perspective

[I'm always interested in how men view womens fashion. I had a conversation with M yesterday and asked him what some of his comments are on fashion. Below is an excerpt from from the conversation, followed by my commentary. Enjoy!]

A: So, what are some of your comments or questions regarding womens fashion?

M: Um. [long pause] What is the point of a statement necklace? It seems like you wear something nice and then you just put on a weird necklace.

Obviously since statement necklaces are a fashion staple for me, I had to be careful to not be biased in my answer. But I'd say that statement necklaces are outfit completer pieces...much like a scarf, a vest or another accessory. The style of the necklace is solely dependent upon the taste and preference of the wear-er.

M: Statement necklaces draw attention to boobs.

A: Um. Wow. I'd never thought of that.

Seriously. I never have. Now this introduces a whole new level of awkward when a man compliments me on my statement necklace. Thanks M, for making me paranoid now. :\

M: Why do you carry a bottle of hairspray in your purse?

A: Because I might need it. Duh.

So, this question was obviously more directed at me than women-in general, but I do think that women carry an extraordinary amount of extra "stuff" in their purses that they don't need all the time, but definitely want to have if the need arises. For me? Hairspray, band aids, meds, hair ties, a brush, makeup, etc. I might not need it everyday, but I know I will inevitably. :)

M: What is the deal with wearing skirts and boots? If you're cold, why not just wear pants? It's warm enough for a skirt but cold enough for boots??

This is no different than a guy wearing a hoodie and shorts. Or a long sleeve tee and shorts. Or jeans and tee shirt for that matter. Maybe the weather is weird (or mild) or maybe it's just an effort to be more comfortable?

M: Why do you wear cardigans in the summer? Aren't they for cold weather?

A: Your argument is invalid. I wear cardigans every day.

Apparently guys think logically when it comes to clothing. If it's cold, wear warm clothing and the reverse for warm weather. When we wear an outfit that appears to contradict itself, seasonally, it bothers them. But it's in the name of fashion.:)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this brief foray into the male perspective on womens fashion. I certainly enjoyed the conversation!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap


There once was a cute little doe (if I can be so bold as to call her cute) and she met a hunter in the woods one day. The hunter was going to shoot her but decided he liked her instead. The doe was so grateful that he spared her life, that she and he became great friends.

And then they went to a Halloween party where they encountered a lot of other interesting characters.

The doe then met the Queen of Hearts. She decided she wanted her picture taken to document the chance meeting and the above is a result.

 </endstorytime> Now, for the real description, M and I went to a Halloween party on Friday night. Obvs, I dressed up as a doe (hence the lack of antlers) and M dressed up as a hunter. I think we look pretty cute, but I'm biased. :) We did come in second place for best couples costume. Yay!

Then I did the obligatory dog-mom thing and dressed my dog up as a lion. He hated his costume but tolerated some photos. Hopefully, I'll get more on Halloween. I don't normally indulge in costumes or clothing for Hewitt because the last one I bought for him, he peed all over it. That little jerk. Obviously he didn't want to wear a raincoat. But this costume was 75% off at Petsmart! And it's seriously adorable.

So, that's the end of the of my surprisingly animal-filled weekend recap. I'm linking up with Carly, Molly, Sami and Meg.

Happy Monday!

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Football Candy

"...break me off a piece of that football cream!" [anyone get that reference??]

So, maybe I'm not blogging specifically about football cream today, but I am blogging about football candy. Well, football EYE candy, that is. [see how I did that there?? my connection skills are astounding!]

I do not hide the fact that many of my favorite players also happen to be very good looking. As a matter of fact, in my fantasy football team starting decisions have often come down to which player is more attractive. The hotter, the more likely to play. Why do you think I drafted Jimmy Graham so early???

Anywho, for my Fan Friday post today, I've decided to be completely shallow and annoyingly girly about football and post some of my favorite football eye candy. Take a gander...and Happy Friday.

Wes Welker - WR - Denver Broncos
Amen, y'all. Just Amen.
Eric Decker  - WR - Denver Broncos
Um, there must be something in the water in Denver??
Rob Gronkowski - TE - New England Patriots

I'm pretty sure this guy is a total jerk. But he is hot.
Reggie Bush - RB - Detroit Lions

I still have love in my heart for this former Saint. He's precious!

Drew Brees - QB - New Orleans Saints

I mean, did you really think he wouldn't be on here?

Tony Romo - QB - Dallas Cowboys

As hard as it is to have him on here...I'm still including him. He's really, really good looking. (said in a blue steel voice)

 Venus Trapped in Mars

Though she will probably be ashamed at my post...I'm still linking up!

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Thursday's Thoughts

I saw this post originally on Syndal's blog yesterday and I loved the questions so much, I decided to post it on here. So, sit back and rest a spell as you learn some weird and random facts about me.

1. Tell me your many talents. Or just one. Or if you're sans talents, tell me something you really wish you could do. 
I guess I'd say singing? But what really classifies something as a talent more so than a hobby? I often get paid to sing so I'd say that's my talent. :) That and sarcasm. 

2. What musical artist would you like to receive a private concert from?
Maybe Ben Harper. It would be amazing!
3. Tell me your favorite childhood memory.  
My sister and I used to dress up and play instruments/sing and give concerts for our family when we were little. We also loved playing on my aunt and uncle's trampoline a lot.

4. Have you ever met a celebrity?
I met the band NeedtoBreathe...and I was in one of their music videos. BAM!

 5. Do you have a Halloween costume planned this year? Are you dressing up like sexy Ben Franklin? 
Yes! I am going to be a deer (doe) and M is going to be a hunter. Except I'm going to be the doe that go away. No fake arrows or fake blood on my costume. And yes we are going in a couple costume concept. (CCC) Bite me.

6. Tell me about a life altering experience you've gone through in this game of life.
When I made a commitment to my faith at the age of 13. I truly believe that making a decision for Christ changed my life completely. (and it continues to every day!)

7. Name three songs that would be on the soundtrack to your made for TV movie. 
Steal My Kisses - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Layla - Eric Clapton
Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay

8. Speaking of made for TV movies, who would play you in a Lifetime miniseries?
Reese Witherspoon. Paula Deen could be old me...some people say we sound alike. I wish JLaw could be me but I'm nothing like her, sadly.
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
A petting zoo owner. A street namer. Maybe an inventor of sorts. I haven't decided. ;)

10. Would you rather sing karaoke in front of all your employers completely sober or attempt stand up comedy super drunk, in front of strangers? 
Karaoke. Definitely. And my song of choice? 9-5. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stripes for Fall

It has been said that stripes go with everything.

And I wholeheartedly agree.

Stripes are also multi-seasonal. They can be worn in every season...including fall. Below are some of my favorite ways to wear stripes this season.

Floral mixed with stripes. by McKenna Bleu

As a sweater + another pattern + jeans

striped - statement necklace - colors

Under a blazer + with brights


Under a blazer + with jeans + with mixed prints

Loving my new #stripe pencil skirt and chambray shirt! For all the details, visit

As a pencil skirt + a chambray button down

Ashpants: Striped dress, tights & boots.

As a dress + with tights + short booties

Lightweight Striped Cardigan! | Very Jane

As a cardi + with leggings + riding boots

Striped scarf

As a scarf + with an oversized sweater + leggings

How do you wear stripes in the fall?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Easy Cauliflower Pizza

When I posted this photo of the cauliflower crust pizza I made two weeks ago, I immediately got questions about the recipe.

And the long and short of it is - I did use a recipe but I modified it a little.

So, in typical April fashion, I'll post my hodge-podge recipe here along with a link to the original recipe I used as a base.

Easy [and Delicious] Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Recipe adapted from Lauren Conrad

  • 1 cup cooked, riced cauliflower
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • olive oil (optional)
  • 1/4 cup italian-seasoned breadcrumbs (optional)
  • pizza sauce, shredded cheese and choice of your toppings*


To "rice" the Cauliflower: Take 1 large head of fresh cauliflower, remove stems and leaves, and chop the florets into chunks. Add to food processor and pulse until it looks like grain. Do not over-do pulse or you will puree it. (If you don't have a food processor, you can grate the whole head with a cheese grater). Place the riced cauliflower into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 8 minutes. There is no need to add water, as the natural moisture in the cauliflower is enough to cook itself. One large head should produce approximately 3 cups of riced cauliflower. The remainder can be used to make additional pizza crusts immediately, or can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week.

To Make the Pizza Crust:

  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Allow cauliflower to cool slightly once removed from the microwave.
  3. In a medium bowl, stir together 1 cup of cauliflower, egg and mozzarella. Add seasoned breadcrumbs, stir. Transfer to the cookie sheet, and using your hands, pat out into a 9" round. Optional: Brush olive oil over top of mixture to help with browning.
  4. Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.
  5. Remove from oven.
  6. To the crust, add sauce, toppings and cheese. Place under a broiler at high heat just until cheese is melted (approximately 3-4 minutes).

*Note: Toppings need to be precooked since you are only broiling for a few minutes.

Okay, big, fat, polka-dotted elephant in the adding italian-seasoned breadcrumbs this is technically no longer a breadless pizza. However, the breadcrumbs are optional. I added them because they helped the crust hold together a little better and soaked up some of the moisture from the cauliflower. Also, it added a little seasoning to the crust mix.

Also - random question. The other day when I said the word cauliflower I might have been a little chastised for the way I pronounce the word. Call - ee- flower instead of Call - i - flower. The i sounds like a long "eeeee" sound instead of short like in the word "ick". So, do you say Call-ee-flower or Call-i-flower?

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Ramblings

Happy Monday!

May I just share a few things with you on this chilly Monday?

First of all, this morning it actually feels like fall here. It's chilly and crisp outside. AND I LOVE IT.
This is how I spent a lot of my weekend evenings...

Not pictured: marshmallows, s'mores, and maybe a molten-lava-marshmallow-burned finger or two.

I don't really know why I love bonfires/firepits/chimineas, etc., but I do. Even if they do make me a little nervous...

Ladies and gentlemen. I've decided to suck it up and start pulling for my hometown NFL team. It's not that I hated them before, I just don't LOVE them. Now, since M is such a huge fan, I've decided to embrace my inner Panther and just go with it.

And wouldn't you know that I actually ENJOYED watching the game yesterday? Craziness.

Of course pulling for the hometown team meant investing in some hometown team duds. :) Ain't it cute??

I made part of my Halloween costume over the weekend. Can you guess what I'm going to be? I know, I know, every animal in the entire world has ears like this. HAHA. Really, it's kind of scary how good I am at making animal ears out of felt...oh and making really random halloween costumes.

L-R: Swine Flu (I dressed as a pig and had wings) and a loofah.

So, that's all I've got for y'all today. I promise wittier and much more interesting posts...soon.

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Stop and Smell the Roses (or whatever your flower of choice is)

Stop & smell the roses. #quote

My life has become a lot busier in the last 6 months or so.

My job has become a HECK of a lot busier, I'm in a relationship which makes my life busier and I feel like I have a lot more evening/weekend obligations now...well, more so than I did 6 months ago.

The busyness of my life both frightens me and excites me. I used to be REALLY busy (like insanely busy with a job 6 or sometimes 7 days a week) and left that job and life a couple of years ago. The scared part of me doesn't want to be like that anymore. But I'm also excited about being busy because it means new opportunities and new relationships.

I've joked that my middle name is efficiency, because it's how I operate. Inefficiency really, REALLY irks me. I try to always be as efficient as possible and this means taking the shortest route, avoiding unnecessary conversation or multi-tasking my brains out.

While efficiency is very helpful in the workplace, I've learned that it's not always so in life.

Efficiency can cause one to miss out on "life". On life's lessons, on life's humor, on human interaction. We can miss out on all of those things by doing everything as efficiently as possible.

We sacrifice a phone call for a text and miss out on the chance to catch up with a close friend. We take an interstate route to our destination and miss out beautiful scenery from a slightly longer country commute.

We don't take the time to detour from the mundane and be a part of the natural spontaneity of life.

I used to always pride myself in being the person who notices the beauty in something that others often overlook and I fear I've gotten away from that lately.
So, here's my blogosphere promise to take time out  from being a multi-tasking, efficient machine and enjoy being a human being. I'm going to work on stopping and smelling the roses*.
Will you join me?
*Well, except not roses, because I don't like them. But...let's say gardenias, or lilies, or insert your favorite flower.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends!

Here's a little dose of some things I'm loving this week. Read on and enjoy...and then do a little happy dance because it's almost Friday. Yippee!!

This hair tone guide from The Beauty Department. Click here for Ashy, Neutral and Gold tones.

So, good/bad situation, here. Good - I LURVE getting emails from BHG with cool design ideas and inspo photography. Bad - They always make me want to SPEND MONEY! :(

Candyland - Homemade costumes for groups

How awesome are these Candyland character costumes?! I still haven't figured out what I'm going to be for Halloween. Any advice? I love random things!


For the planner, Type A part of me, this post is awesome! It's all about emergency preparedness kits and disaster kits (or closets) for your home. The list is she uses is straight from FEMA. :)

Long soft layers and pale blonde color #2013 #hair #style #pmtsdanbury #paul #mitchell #danbury #love #school #learn #academy #wavy #length

I'm obsessed with pale blonde hair. I want this on my next trip to the chair. I just love it! It's silvery and beautiful!!

Musicians reading mean-spirited tweets about themselves. Please. This is amazing.

Things organized by type and color. This makes me so happy.

ice cream cone explosion cake.

You're welcome and I'm sorry. Ice Cream Cone Explosion Cake.

Animal photobombs. I'm dying at this one. The dog is LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!


via, via

Happy Thursday friends!