Friday, October 11, 2013

The View from My Cubicove

Have you ever wondered what people's workspaces look like?

Is that just me because I'm insanely nosy and curious?

It's no secret, I am a cubicle-dweller. I prefer the term cubicove. It's much more cozy, don't you think?

Anywho, here's an up-close and personal look at my cubicove...with a little commentary on the things you'll see...

A: My attempt to "pretty up" my little tan cubicove.
B: Voicemails. Always. Incessantly.
C: Chat windows with coworkers.
D: Personal items like my photos, calendar, Owlouise the Owl (our Insurance Services mascot), Lourdes the Lily and a photo of Hewitt.
E: Representing the Gamecocks. Always.
F: Protein bar. This is my constant reminder to choose good things instead of bad things to eat.
G: Hexcodes for emails I'm working on.

A: My to-do list.
B: My office supplies's a lifesaver!
C: A pile of things I usually never get around to working on. :(

Do you work in cubicove like me? Or are you blessed with an office? Happy Friday, friends! Enjoy your weekends!


  1. Cubicle here. Along with a pile of things I never get around to working on. hahaha

  2. I'm a cube dweller too, but I don't have those hutches- I like them! My area is messy with stuff from past employees that got dumped here, but at least a window seat and a pretty sweet view of NYC skyline!

  3. i'm in what actually may be a cubicove! it's a corner of our open office space with cubicle half walls and a desk. it's kinda bizarre really. not you standard square cube. ;)
    i actually posted two pics from my office on my post yesterday too! ha!

  4. and i love being nosy and looking around.

  5. I'm a cube dweller myself. Don't have a lot of personal items, but its home Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm :-).

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