Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Splurge vs. Steal: Studded Booties

[I'm kind of obsessed with studded booties. I think they are adorable and have been on the lookout for a pair. When I found some expensive ones and then their lookalike cheaper cousin, I thought I could do a Splurge vs. Steal post with them.]

One of these outfits costs over $6,800 and the other comes up at around $240. Can you guess which one is the Splurge and which is the Steal?

splurge vs. steal: studded booties

The outfit on the LEFT is the STEAL. Studded booties from Old Navy and other wardrobe pieces from H&M and Stella & Dot make this copycat look a cool and budget friendly option.
Did you guess the correct splurge and steal?

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  1. I did guess correctly, but it's so funny how the steal outfit is really the one I like better. You can send me the whole outfit please and thank you!


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