Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends!

Here's a little dose of some things I'm loving this week. Read on and enjoy...and then do a little happy dance because it's almost Friday. Yippee!!

This hair tone guide from The Beauty Department. Click here for Ashy, Neutral and Gold tones.

So, good/bad situation, here. Good - I LURVE getting emails from BHG with cool design ideas and inspo photography. Bad - They always make me want to SPEND MONEY! :(

Candyland - Homemade costumes for groups

How awesome are these Candyland character costumes?! I still haven't figured out what I'm going to be for Halloween. Any advice? I love random things!


For the planner, Type A part of me, this post is awesome! It's all about emergency preparedness kits and disaster kits (or closets) for your home. The list is she uses is straight from FEMA. :)

Long soft layers and pale blonde color #2013 #hair #style #pmtsdanbury #paul #mitchell #danbury #love #school #learn #academy #wavy #length

I'm obsessed with pale blonde hair. I want this on my next trip to the chair. I just love it! It's silvery and beautiful!!

Musicians reading mean-spirited tweets about themselves. Please. This is amazing.

Things organized by type and color. This makes me so happy.

ice cream cone explosion cake.

You're welcome and I'm sorry. Ice Cream Cone Explosion Cake.

Animal photobombs. I'm dying at this one. The dog is LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!


via, via

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. I love the emergency preparedness. I feel like I should do that in my library room. Hmmmm

  2. That bedroom is gorgeous! I'm in love!
    xo, Zelle
    A Southern Style

  3. Love that organization picture. I saw it for the first time a couple days ago & was mesmerized. The OCD side of me was in heaven.


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