Friday, October 25, 2013

Football Candy

"...break me off a piece of that football cream!" [anyone get that reference??]

So, maybe I'm not blogging specifically about football cream today, but I am blogging about football candy. Well, football EYE candy, that is. [see how I did that there?? my connection skills are astounding!]

I do not hide the fact that many of my favorite players also happen to be very good looking. As a matter of fact, in my fantasy football team starting decisions have often come down to which player is more attractive. The hotter, the more likely to play. Why do you think I drafted Jimmy Graham so early???

Anywho, for my Fan Friday post today, I've decided to be completely shallow and annoyingly girly about football and post some of my favorite football eye candy. Take a gander...and Happy Friday.

Wes Welker - WR - Denver Broncos
Amen, y'all. Just Amen.
Eric Decker  - WR - Denver Broncos
Um, there must be something in the water in Denver??
Rob Gronkowski - TE - New England Patriots

I'm pretty sure this guy is a total jerk. But he is hot.
Reggie Bush - RB - Detroit Lions

I still have love in my heart for this former Saint. He's precious!

Drew Brees - QB - New Orleans Saints

I mean, did you really think he wouldn't be on here?

Tony Romo - QB - Dallas Cowboys

As hard as it is to have him on here...I'm still including him. He's really, really good looking. (said in a blue steel voice)

 Venus Trapped in Mars

Though she will probably be ashamed at my post...I'm still linking up!


  1. Holy moly Tony Romo is hot. I mean daaaayyyuummm! I didn't realize Wes Welker was so cute, maybe because I have an issue with him being so short? At least, he looks short on TV, right?

  2. Vous blog est accrocheur. Je reçois du plaisir. Merci pour le partage de ce beau morceau de l'écriture avec moi.

  3. J.J. Watt is my man (and every other woman's in the Houston vicinity).


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