Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Watch Person

I've never been much of a watch person.

But I really want to be.

I see these beautiful watches on women and I covet them and then I think that I could never rock a watch because I have huge, freckle-y forearms.

Yep, that's the reason I don't normally wear watches. It's because they draw attention to my freckled arms. I know, I know...I'm a weirdo. But I just don't think watches look good on me.

However, this fall/winter I want to try a watch again. (Eh...winter/fall you wear sleeves. :) )I'm contemplating asking for a watch for Christmas this year. But I'm kind of stuck on whether or not I want to do gold, silver, two-tone or something like a tortoiseshell watch. I love the tortoiseshell look, but is it really wearable?


I'd love any advice or thoughts from watch people, non-watch people or people who just have an opinion on watches. :)


  1. I love watches!! I prefer to have two. One watch is dressy (in silver, because it matches my silver jewlery). The other watch is for everyday purposes and as fun as I can stand. My fun watch has a Hello Kitty face with a red band. :-) My opinion is that tortise shell watch is awesome, but I would wear it in my "everyday" collection as opposed to a business meeting.

  2. I used to always wear a watch, then stopped, then just started wearing one again and I love it.

    It's this one:

  3. I have the end two MK watches on my wish list this year! literally only own 3 watches, one brown one, one two tone silver/gold one, and my absolute fave, which was a Christmas present last year, a wrap watch! I only wear it for special-ish occasions, but I LOVE it! There's a similar one here:


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