Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Womens Fashion - From a Man's Perspective

[I'm always interested in how men view womens fashion. I had a conversation with M yesterday and asked him what some of his comments are on fashion. Below is an excerpt from from the conversation, followed by my commentary. Enjoy!]

A: So, what are some of your comments or questions regarding womens fashion?

M: Um. [long pause] What is the point of a statement necklace? It seems like you wear something nice and then you just put on a weird necklace.

Obviously since statement necklaces are a fashion staple for me, I had to be careful to not be biased in my answer. But I'd say that statement necklaces are outfit completer pieces...much like a scarf, a vest or another accessory. The style of the necklace is solely dependent upon the taste and preference of the wear-er.

M: Statement necklaces draw attention to boobs.

A: Um. Wow. I'd never thought of that.

Seriously. I never have. Now this introduces a whole new level of awkward when a man compliments me on my statement necklace. Thanks M, for making me paranoid now. :\

M: Why do you carry a bottle of hairspray in your purse?

A: Because I might need it. Duh.

So, this question was obviously more directed at me than women-in general, but I do think that women carry an extraordinary amount of extra "stuff" in their purses that they don't need all the time, but definitely want to have if the need arises. For me? Hairspray, band aids, meds, hair ties, a brush, makeup, etc. I might not need it everyday, but I know I will inevitably. :)

M: What is the deal with wearing skirts and boots? If you're cold, why not just wear pants? It's warm enough for a skirt but cold enough for boots??

This is no different than a guy wearing a hoodie and shorts. Or a long sleeve tee and shorts. Or jeans and tee shirt for that matter. Maybe the weather is weird (or mild) or maybe it's just an effort to be more comfortable?

M: Why do you wear cardigans in the summer? Aren't they for cold weather?

A: Your argument is invalid. I wear cardigans every day.

Apparently guys think logically when it comes to clothing. If it's cold, wear warm clothing and the reverse for warm weather. When we wear an outfit that appears to contradict itself, seasonally, it bothers them. But it's in the name of fashion.:)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this brief foray into the male perspective on womens fashion. I certainly enjoyed the conversation!


  1. Hairspray in the purse. Truly an essential.

  2. Skirts & leggings/tights because pants are the most evil thing ever to exist.

  3. This is why I am bad at fashion. I view it more like M. I love skirts, but it's cold so I'm not wearing them. And cardigans in the summer? No way. I always wondered about the sorority girls I used to see on campus is uggs, booty shorts and a NorthFace jacket. So are you hot or cold? What is the point? It does not compute.

  4. The cardigan argument is always invalid. I own a million and wear them daily.

  5. cardigans in the summer are because of air conditioning! I'd freeze inside if I just wore my summer tank tops with no extra layer!

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