Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

This week has been a colossal sundae of work, social obligations, church functions and frantically trying to get ready for my weekend vacay.

I mean, it's really tiring when I can't just go home after work everyday, workout, walk Hewitt, eat dinner and watch tv or surf the net until bed. Am I right? #loser

So, this weekend I'm going to the mountains. I even took 2 days of PTO which is a big deal for me. I hoard PTO like TSwifty hoards boyfriends. :)

Yep. That's gonna be my view for a few days. Don't be jealous. Well, maybe you can be a little jealous. :)

So, to start the weekend off a little early, how about some GIFs? I mean, that's mostly my fave part of Things I Love Thursday anyway. Let's celebrate with some dancing, shall we?

Me in the club.
Possibly my favorite Britney GIF ever.

I may or may not get a chance to blog tomorrow, so in case I don't, have an awesome weekend!


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