Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Thoughts for a Thursday

First of all, yes, I'm still here.

I've been a bit sporadic on the blog this week, so I figured I owe y'all a big, long, personal, humorous post.

And this will probably be none of those adjectives...well, it might be kind of funny. But, then again, my sense of humor is different than most. I once laughed for a solid 25 minutes when a coworker leaned over and jelly packets (like the kind you get a restaurants to put on your toast) fell out of his shirt pocket.

I don't even know why it was so funny. But I laughed so hard that I gave myself hiccups. Yup. Laughing hiccups.

I kind of have a weird smoker's laugh sometimes. (though I've never smoked ANYTHING, EVER) Sometimes my laugh is really loud like a braying donkey. Only when I'm giving someone a courtesy laugh is my laugh "normal".

So, on to the random thoughts, mmkay?

1. I'm running my very first ever 5k this Saturday morning and I'm slightly terrified. I mean, I know I can do it, but it's all the "what ifs" that scare me. What if I have to pee mid-race? What if the sole of my shoe falls off? What if I get stung by a bee? What if there's a line at the porta-potty? What if I'm in last place? What if I fall? What if I get sunburned?

It's kind of scary, really. Every possible scenario has run through my mind about Saturday including what to do if there's a terrorist attack mid-race. What is WRONG with me?

2. I'm in a sort of self-imposed No-Spend October. Meaning, I'm trying to only spend money on bills and planned things like groceries, gas, birthday gifts that I knew were coming, etc. No unexpected shopping trips, no online purchases and definitely no venturing to the clothing section when I'm picking up groceries at Super Target.

3. I'm almost done catching up to The Walking Dead. I think I have 3 more episodes to watch before I'm officially caught up. The premiere is Sunday night. So, I have to watch 3 episodes sometime before Sunday night. Oh, and run a 5k. And go to a friend's baby's birthday party. And 7 million other things.

These are the things that keep me up at night.

4. Can I talk about how much I dislike yogurt? It's weird and it's usually gross but I literally have to MAKE myself eat it. It helps "the system" know? Keeps things moving the way they should be moving, if you catch my drift. (No, I'm not eating Activia, it's just regular Yoplait or something.) But yogurt is just weird and gross.* And I think about that when I'm eating it.

5. Dear Wendy's, stop putting a pretzel bun on everything. 1, some of us don't like pretzels, and 2, some of us are disturbed by the combination of pretzels and chicken.

6. Speaking of weird foods, I have a delicious creation for you to try. It's called a Bolana Sandwich. It's bread with mayo (Duke's if you're a true Southerner) and on one piece of bread, put a slice of deliciously tasty beef bologna. On the other piece of bread, slice you up a banana and put it on there. Put your sandwich together and enjoy the amazingness that is a Bolana Sandwich.

7. Finally,  I love everything about fall, except that it means tights/pantyhose season. Sigh. My outfits are severely limited by the addition of tights. It's enough to make me wear bare legs for as long as possible. Maybe even into November. I'm a tights hold out.

And to cap off this random post, how about a random photo?

My dad would do this!

This is one of those things that made me laugh for a solid 10 minutes...

*Except for Chick Fil-A's cookie crumb fruit and yogurt parfait. Oh. My. Lord. I could eat it every day. That is my one yogurt exception. 


  1. I love how tights look but hate wearing them, and also find that I don't really have a ton of tights appropriate outfits or shoes.

    Same on the yogurt - I eat it, but I force it.

  2. I did my first 5k last year. Don't worry, there will be someone slower then you, I promise. Also, don't drink too much water before, I had the same fears as well. Also, pretzel and chicken-- yes very weird.

  3. BAH that moth one gets me every time! And yogurt was a no-go for me as soon as I read "contains live cultures" on the side. No thanks!

  4. I'm with you on the No Spend October! Definitely the hardest goal I've set for myself this month, but I need to save! Love that text!!!

  5. I love the jello-falling-out-of-the-shirt-pocket image. I would also have laughed heartily.

    I have to force myself to eat greek yogurt but then when I'm eating it I enjoy it. I can't do regular yogurt. It's too sweet and slimy.

    I love wearing tights but wish I had fun colored ones and better outfits for them.


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