Wednesday, July 25, 2012

how to: wear a statement necklace

It's no secret that I love statement necklaces.

However, it recently came to my attention that for some people, wearing a statement necklace or even choosing a statement necklace might not be as easy as I think. A reader left the following comment on an outfit post featuring statement necklaces.

I would have a hard time settling on one color that I could wear with lots of stuff.

Good point. For those of you just stepping in to the world of statement necklaces, deciding on the necklaces to buy seems a bit daunting.

The easiest response would be to buy one in EVERY color, but not everyone wants (or needs) a jewelry box full of colorful statement necklaces. (Though I definitely wouldn't mind...)

So, how do you take the statement necklace plunge?

First, we must define what a statement necklace is. A statement necklace (and jewelry) is simply large and bold enough to make a "statement" by itself. It holds its own, basically. ;)

Step 1: (Toes in the water)
Purchase a neutral statement necklace. For this post, the word "neutral" can mean black, silver, gold, brown, white, gray, navy or copper.

The benefit of a neutral statement necklace is that it goes with almost anything. (color-wise) But, it's still a "statement" necklace. See how I paired a black statement necklace with a colorful outfit below. (For each of these examples, I'll be using the J Crew Bubble necklace in black or coral.)


Step 2: (Up to your knees)
Purchase a statement necklace in a bright color and wear it with neutrals. Imagine a coral-colored necklace paired with navy and white. Or, for you visual learners, something like this...

The statement necklace serves the purpose of accenting the outfit without competing for attention.

Step 3: (All the way in)
Purchase a statement necklace in a bright color and wear it with with color. Okay, take a deep breath color-phobes. Some of you might not really ever get past Step 2 and that's perfectly okay. But, know that you're limiting the wear-ability of your statement necklaces by only wearing them with neutrals. Colored statement necklaces can DEFINITELY work with a colorful just all depends on the color. (For color help, see my post here.)

Cardigan, Belt, Shoes: Target; Tank and necklace: Rue 21, Pants: Old Navy (shop)

Here are some of my favorite necklaces and places to shop for them. (Most of my statement necklaces were purchased online.)

Faceted Statement Necklace (Copper and Gold) from Forever 21
Stephan & Co Facet Statement Necklace in Ivory

Loft Gold & Coral Statement Necklace
Essentials Metal Glass Bead Bib Necklace
Shop Ruche Sparkling Night Sky Necklace

So, now that you have the tips and tricks for necklaces...get out there and make a statement!

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  1. These outfits are amazing! You wear statement necklaces so well!


  2. I am one of those people who own a lot of jewelry and never wear it. I just cannot figure out how it works into my wardrobe now that I don't go to work. It seems silly to wear a piece at home but you make it look so good! GREAT outfits!

    1. Thanks so much! Being home is always reason to wear pretty jewelry!! :)

  3. I heart your blog! Thought you would be interested in the giveaway I'm hosting for Panera & Edward & Sons at

    P.S. I'm a new GFC follower :)

  4. This blog was EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks for that. Now I just have to take the plunge. I'm going with either the black or the beigish one from forever 21.

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  6. why there a football image in your post? did u play football? ROFL... berita hari ini terkini terbaru

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