Thursday, July 19, 2012

male celebrity style icons

Hello my friends.

It's been too long since I reached out to my male reader population with a post. But ladies, don't despair! If you have a man in your life (dad, brother, son, hubby, boyfreen, etc) you can [hopefully] enjoy this post too!

Sometimes, us ladies don't pay a lot of attention to the different styles that surround male-dom. But there ARE different styles. Also, there are some celebrity males that tend to identify with one of these styles. I'll elaborate on some of them below.

Note: There are probably a lot more styles that I won't talk about. These are just the ones I observe. Of course, reading the rest of this post means you'll be subject to my somewhat sarcastic ramblings regarding them. ;)

Preppy Style

One of my favorite actors, Ed Helms completely embodies this style. Always clean-cut, never long hair (unless for a role), layered clothing that includes a sport coat and tie, sweater vests (!!!) and mixing patterns and bright colors. Obvi, I'm a bit biased towards this style. Sigh...

Hipster Style

What exactly IS a hipster? Urban Dictionary defines it like this.

So, tighter-fitting jeans, vintage clothing, longer hair (usually) and an urban bohemian look. I think Shia LeBeouf and Ed Westwick both have a hipster-y look.

I'm pretty sure that hipsters are the sole reason Toms shoes are so popular. #smh

Outdoorsy/Grungy/Dirty Style

When I think of dirty celebs, I always think of Matthew McConaughey and Johnny Depp. (Sorry if y'all are fans.) I mean, I loved the "hey" as I call him in The Wedding Planner...but probably because he played a doctor and thus has to be somewhat clean for the role.

As for JDepp, his Pirates of the Caribbean role pretty much ruined him for me. He was literally covered in dirt. Yes, I know most of it was for the role. But also, him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory didn't really do much to change my opinion. It just made him weirder.

So anyway, about the style, both of these guys sort of have a rustic grungy feel. They favor natural fabrics, fits and sort of a greasy, unkempt hair and facial hair look. The "hey" is a bit more outdoorsy with that California tan and obligatory 6 pack. He seems to be more at home on a surfboard than anywhere else. Both them have a penchant for wearing lots of bracelets.

Classic Style

When I think of classically styled men, I think of men that you pretty much don't ever see without a suit and tie or sportcoat and oxford shirt on. They rarely appear in jeans (unless for a role). I always think of Alec Baldwin. Parental antics aside, this guy (and most of his brothers, except for the weird one) is ALWAYS well put together. He's a classic actor with a classic style.

Euro/Traveler Style

This is a relatively popular look that can often be misconstrued for the hipster style. The big difference is the cost of the clothes and the fit. Euro/Traveler styled men may wear tighter-fitting jeans but they are MADE that way by expensive designers instead of barely fitting because they are from the teenage girls section at Goodwill. There are lots of layers, toboggans (beanies for y'all from the North) and sunglasses associated with this look. ;) Zac Efron (presh) represents this style well.

DB Style

Okay, this is mean. Not all DBs wear this style. I just don't know what to call it. Jersey style? Bret Michaels style? IDK. If you have any name suggestions, let me know. ;)

Ed Hardy-esque tees, vintage (looking) concert tees and muscle shirts are popular. Jeans and large jewelry (earrings and/or necklace) are a given. You might also find this style erring a little towards a rocker style sans the leather pants. (Michaels)

How'd I do picking celebs that embody these styles? Did I miss a major male style?


  1. There are guys who might be called outdoorsy that aren't grungy & dirty, but more rugged. Think Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, and Brad Pitt.

    I agree that Alec Baldwin has a very classic style but I would have picked George Clooney as the classic style icon :)

    I think that last style is Jersey or Guido.

    1. I agree! I think that the Clint Eastwood, SM, Brad group is a dwindling bunch, no? Kind of like old western men (sans the Brad).

      George Clooney is a good one too. Though he did go through this weird beard thing for awhile.

    2. I hope they don't dwindle too much - that's my favorite bunch! Ryan Gosling can also be pretty rugged. See here:

  2. I'm slightly offended I am not on this list.

    I am both a style icon and a celebrity.

    1. Luis, there is no possible way to define your style! It's so amazing it transcends typical norms. Love you! ;)

    2. Luis' style is bowties, tank tops and bright colors.

    3. Love you tonsssss. :)


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