Tuesday, July 17, 2012

celebrating southern {food and drink}

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Leslie today for her week-long post series called Celebrating Southern.

This is a series of posts (and link-ups) dedicated to the South. Being Southern, I'm thrilled to join in on the fun!

Today's theme is Food and Drink.

Where do I start? Y'all know us southern people love our food. And I LOVE to cook! But sometimes, I just want someone else to do the cooking sometimes.

So, today's Food and Drink themed post will be about some delicious restaurants located in my region of the U.S. of A.  (Note: I live in North Carolina, so when I say "regionally" I'm referring to NC, SC, GA and TN for the most part. We don't claim VA as part of the south. HAHA. Just kidding. But not really...)

1. Bojangles
The new worship pastor at my church (and his fiancee) are from Indiana. They had not been "Bo'd" yet and thus asked what it was. Well, let me just tell you that Bojangles (Beau-jain-gulls) is a chicken and biscuits restaurant serving up traditional southern dishes with a slight cajun flair. My favorite is the chicken supremes (like chicken tenders).


2. Cookout
Dear Jesus, please have Cookout barbecue in heaven. Thanks, April. Headquartered in the great state of NC and located all over the Southeast, Cookout has the most delicious burgers, shakes and barbecue of all! They have about eleventy-billion different flavors of milkshakes. (Okay, not eleventy billion but a lot.) My favorite is the Reese's milkshake but they also have Cheesecake Chocolate Chip, Caramel Fudge, Orange Push Up, Peanut Butter Banana and Peach Cobbler, just to name a few. This restaurant has almost everything. Don't believe me? Look at their menu...

Another southern themed restaurant (I'm sensing a pattern here) that boasts a casual dining experience rather than a more fast food type like the first two. Fatz has great service and GREAT food. My favorite is the Calabash Chicken Wrap.

4. Fuzzy Peach
This is a Wilmington (Southeastern NC) local froyo chain. They frequently partner with other local restaurants to come up with new froyo flavors. For example, they're doing a year-long partnership with Coastal Cupcakes for a cupcake batter flavored frozen yogurt. It's amazing!

Well, I guess I didn't really talk much about drinks, did I? Here's a quick deciphering code to ordering drinks in the South.

If you order:
You'll get: 
Sweetened Tea (with sugar)

If you order:
You'll get:
Coke or Pepsi depending on what they carry. "Coke" is a generic term for soda or pop.

If you're asked:
"Would you like a Coke?"
It means:
"What kind of soda would you like? Coke? Diet? Sprite? Dr. Pepper?" You'll need to clarify which.

Cheerwine - a local soda that contains neither cheer nor wine. It's flavored similarly to a Cherry Coke or Mr. Pibb, but a bit sweeter.
Sundrop- similar to Mountain Dew or Mello Yello.

One more thing for my Southern-venturing friends...

A cookout is the act of cooking outdoors. It may contain burgers, hot dogs, chicken or pork.
A barbecue is an outdoor cooking/smoking of actual barbecue (chicken, pork or beef).

Clear as mud? :)


  1. I found you through the link up. I LOVE Bojangles! Boberry biscuits are the most delicious thing ever!

    1. I agree!! I wish they still had those delicious cinnamon biscuit things but I don't think they do anymore. :(

  2. Cherry Lemon Sundrop is awesome!

    My Yankee husband and I have had to compromise on the cook out/barbecue thing. We say we're going to grill.

    Cook Out (the restaurant) is really promoting their Fresh Watermelon Milkshake right now. I find the idea of watermelon and dairy really disgusting! LOVE their other food though.

    1. Yeah, the concept of watermelon anything isn't something I'm too keen on but watermelon and dairy sounds straight up revolting. :)BAHAHAHA.

  3. Found you over at A Blonde Ambition - Ohhhh Bojangles. How I love thee. Their sweet tea is SO good too! And they used to have this red sausage biscuit that was my FAVORITE for breakfast! None here in FL, boo :(

    1. I'm feeling your pain, there. I loved the cinnamon breakfast biscuit things that they decided to get rid of. I may or may not have shed a tear...

  4. MMMM we just got a Cookout here in Charleston! My family lived in Raleigh and I loved going there in the summers when I went home!! Love their milkshakes and .99 hushpuppies!!!

    In Ky we have Ale-8 One (similar to Ginger Ale). my husband loves cheerwine. lol.

  5. Thank you for stopping by - you have me totally craving sausage balls and pimento cheese! How messy is that to put together???

    I have yet to try Cherrywine but I LOVE me some Sundrop. It reminds me of summers spent in NC growing up!

  6. Found you from Blonde Ambition...

    Y'all are making me hungry!

    I'm wondering if Bojangles is like Raisin' Cane's here in Dallas (which I have yet to try!)

  7. I sooo miss Cookout and Bojangles. Used to live in NC and we always hit both places when visiting friends.

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