Thursday, July 26, 2012

trend watch: "arm party"

There's a new trend popping up on various fashion blogs.

It's called the "arm party".
Arm Party
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It could also be called "bracelet stacking" or, quite frankly, "weight lifting". ;) I get that the idea is to stack smaller bracelets together on one arm for more of a statement piece...but...

Perhaps I should confess that I'm not really a huge bracelet person. I own 2 bracelets. One I earned from hosting a jewelry party and one I inherited from a roommate at some point. I like looking at bracelets, but I don't wear them so much. I think they make my forearms look chubbier than they are and they are super-annoying when they constantly bang against the desk while typing.

Or blogging.

So, perhaps this has skewed my perception of this arm party trend. I do love a good statement necklace, so why can't I get on board with this? 

Please weigh in...I'd love to hear what you think about this trend.


  1. I am the opposite of you. I LOVE bracelets and bracelet stacking! I've bought 10-12 bracelets this summer and requested more for my birthday next month. However, while I like statement necklaces on other people, they are not for me. I can do a statement pendent on a thin chain but the bigger necklaces feel heavy & uncomfortable, and I feel like they add bulk to my chest.
    My favorite bracelets are the colorful beaded stretch kind. They're cheap, they don't slide around on my arm, they inject color into an outfit, and they're easy to remove if I need to.

  2. Bracelets always bug me, and I could never figure out why! And then a few months a go it dawned on me, I am a lefty! So at work they clang when I use my mouse AND when I use my left hand to write!! Once I realized this I also realized I need to make an effort to wear them on weekends instead. But still not a huge arm party fan ;)

  3. Love this trend! I try to wear my arm party on my left arm since I'm a righty. Seems less annoying that way. You should check out F21 for some inexpensive bracelets. It's hard to pull off this trend when it's really hot outside so maybe fall is the perfect time to make your arm party debut! :)

  4. You're so sweet to use my arm party picture!!! You know I love a good statement necklace so it took a bit longer for me to get on board with the bracelet stacking. You get used to it and I started adding the layers one at a time. Try it!

  5. Oh man, I love this trend! I have an overabundance of bracelets!


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