Saturday, July 28, 2012

best and worst dressed: olympics edition

Like many, I was enthralled with the Olympics opening ceremony last night. One of my favorite parts is the Parade of Nations. Seeing all of the nations (and outfits!) is a highlight for me.

I wasn't disappointed this year. There were some definite winners and some duds. Ready to hear my thoughts? :)

Best Dressed

Seriously. Love the color combo and the preppy look.
Stripes! Blue and yellow! YES! Beautiful men (and women) and outfits. Sigh.
Great Britain.
Dang them. Their white and gold was so sharp. 

Worst Dressed

What the heckles? Pink and blue? I get that their flag colors leave much to be desired, but...yeah.
United States.
Hey now, don't get feisty. I'm all about the USA. However, these were just not working. I love that Ralph Lauren (like always) lent his design hand for these. The navy blazers and white pants were fine. The berets and orthopedic footwear? Not so much. Also, these uniforms were quite controversial.

Czech Republic.
I get that London is rainy, but really? I know from experience that walking in galoshes hurts. There is lots of chafing involved. :)

What are your thoughts?

Side note: have you seen all the hilarious Queen memes out now? BAHAHA!


  1. I, of course, agree with your pics! I too thought what the heck USA is that the best we could come up with and what is with the barets? Aren't those French?? I could not get past them to even notice the awful footwear!! Huge disappoinment!!
    Also what is with the dresses with the faces on them? I get that they were faces of the volunteers but the style is less than flattering! Isn't there a better way to represent the volunteers!?!?!

  2. I totally agree with your choices although Great Britain is a little Christmas-y, and they sorta look like ornaments. America looks like they should be France with those berets, and CR's rain boots are atrocious.


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