Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OOTD: florals

Hi bloggy friends!

I'm posting some outfits today (instead of tomorrow because it's a holiday).

Both of today's outfits involve a floral pattern.

Yikes. I must admit that I used to steer clear of florals because...well...I had vague memories of a pair of floral patterned jordache jeans back in the day. [shudder] But florals are really growing on me. (HA!)

My one caveat to liking the floral trend is floral jeans. Even though the modern patterns are very different than the ones from the early 90s, I still can't bring myself to like them.

So, anywho...on with the florals!

This floral top is rarely worn. It's too thin to rock by itself and very long. But it totally works layered under a cardi and pencil skirt. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why the skirt looks crooked in both photos. Ugh!

Top: Old Navy (similar in blue)
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Unknown via Marshall's (similar)
Shoes: Target (similar)

This floral maxi has been part of my wardrobe for a few years now, but rarely makes an appearance. I just don't think I can rock a maxi well because of my body type. Erm. But I do love the floral print SO much that I decided to bring it back out in rotation. :)

Dress: Old Navy (similar, similar)
Cardigan: Target (similar, similar)
Shoes: Wal-Mart
Necklace: J Crew via Ebay

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  1. Loving your maxi, great border pattern and colours. Looks great on you.

  2. I'm glad you said that about maxis. I also don't think I can rock a maxi and wondered if I was crazy. But that looks good on you with that cardigan!

    1. Yes, I've had a hard time really getting into maxis. Most of them tend to glide over my middle/waist which is the smallest part of me.

  3. that maxi is SO cute on you! I love your outfit posts!

  4. I like both these looks on you. The colors of the second outfit are fab! I've given up on a maxi dress for now. I can't find anything I really like. I bought this instead:


    It's so bright and pretty it just makes me happy :)

    1. Cute dress! The cinched middle will be very flattering!!

  5. I love that maxi on you! I have a hard time wearing maxis because I am so short and bottom heavy. Why do retailers assume someone who is larger than a size 6 is also 6 feet tall?
    Penniless Socialite

  6. that floral maxi is gorgeous!! and love it with your necklace!! you look beautiful!

  7. I think the maxi is very flattering on you! The necklace goes with it just perfectly!

  8. EVERYTHING about these outfits rock! You look fabulous!!!

  9. Your floral maxi looks great!! Perfect accessories too!! You should add this to your rotation more often because it's super cute on you.

  10. Oh, I LOVE that maxi dress! Gorgeous!


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