Thursday, July 5, 2012

I don't think you're ready...

...for these jellies!

 Y'all know I have a long standing love affair with jelly shoes. I don't care how out of style they are, I will always love them.

Luckily, they ARE in style right now. And dang, aren't they cute? I must say the jelly shoe has evolved quite a bit from the kind I wore back in the day. (Did you click on that link? If you didn't, you should. Those are the exact jelly shoes I remember from my elementary/middle school years.)

The jellies below are the modern take on the vintage (can we say vintage if it's only 20 years ago??) classic. Click on each one to shop or for more info.

Currently, I have only 3 pairs of jellies, but will consider adding a pair or two from this list in the very near future.

Are you ready for this jelly? ;)

Also, something else you might not be ready for is this funny video some friends of mine put together. They are lipsyncing to the song "Call Me Maybe". Heh. Check it out here...


  1. I really like the orange, pink and blue ones!

    It's crazy to think 20 years is "vintage" but it's so funny how things cycle back into popularity every 20 years or so!

  2. Thanks for posting the video! Everyone should check it out!

  3. I didn't know jellies were back. I am very excited!

    Penniless Socialite

  4. Jellies still make me cringe. Those things were not comfy. You know my number one style rule is that anything I wear has to be comfy. ASFB

  5. I had a lavender pair of these in 1984:
    I was 6, and they are the first fashion trend I remember wanting to follow. They were uber uncomfortable and ALWAYS had rocks/dirt jammed into the bottom but I thought they were beautiful!

    1. I saw this cute dress on Walmart's website and thought of you! Color blocked in navy, kelly green, and white:

    2. Oh my! That dress is seriously a cute one! :)


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