Friday, July 13, 2012

confessional friday

Happy Friday, y'all.

I got some juicy (and random) confessions for y'all today. ;) I'm linking up with the lovely Mrs. Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday.

//1 I confess that this week I compared one of my coworkers to a Disney prince. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, to be exact. He really, REALLY does resemble him. Even his voice is Disney prince-like. I thought he might be actual royalty. So I googled his last name to make sure he wasn't European royalty trying to stay on the D.L. (he's not) But he still makes me want to bust out with "I can show you the world..." whenever I see him. (different movie, but work with me here)

I'm NOT obsessed with him. I just think he's precious. Kind of like a puppy. Precious and cute. I was watching him while he was eating his pop-tarts in the break room today and...okay...I'm just going to stop right there. #stalkermuch?

//2 I confess that I took a nap at work on Monday. I just closed my door and turned off my work radio and laid my happy self down on the floor with my sweater as a pillow and took a 15 min nap during lunch. It was amazing.

//3 I confess that I've taken entirely too many pictures of my dog this week. I can't help it! He just makes these cute faces and...yeah... See for yourself below.

//4 I confess that I went to my second favorite restaurant in Wilmington for lunch this week. I get the same thing: smoked chicken tacos and mexican street corn. It's so good it'll make you slap your mama. 

//5 I confess that I may or may not have written a negative review on Urbanspoon regarding this restaurant's service (great food, bad service) while I was eating at the restaurant. :)

//6 I confess that I love my satin pillowcases so much that I contemplated going all out with satin sheets. A brief Facebook poll told me that satin sheets are white trash-y. I'm bummed. :(

That's about all the confessing that I've got for today. Y'all can join in the party by linking up. (click the Confessional Friday button above)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Dropping by from Confessional Friday! Oh my goodness - that food like so yum in my tum! And good for you for writing a review - they can only get better once they're aware right? Such a good consumer!

    Hope your weekend is so wonderful! :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know...I love this confessional! You are totally speaking my language! A nap at work, too many dog pics, a negative review on UrbanSpoon. That's what I do!

  3. OMG. That lunch looks soooooooooo good! I am impressed with your power nap in the office. We used to have a couch in our breakroom and I've been known to shut out the lights and sleep on my lunch, but alas, it is gone. Jealous! ;) New follower and popping in from Confessional Friday.

    Jen @

  4. Your facebook poll cracks me up! Bahahaha!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Love it! Have a great weekend!


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