Friday, July 27, 2012

confessional friday (and a current obsession)

It's that time of the week again, y'all. It's time for Confessional Friday. I'm linking up over at A Blonde Ambition for today's post.


//1. I confess that I made vegetables this week and they were [surprisingly] delicious. Could I, perhaps, be growing up? They look pretty delicious, don't you think?

//2. I confess that I watched the movie Rango this week and I spent the better portion of the movie trying to identify all of the desert animals in there. 

//3. I confess that I neglected to do my laundry for so long that it had overflowed out of the laundry basket and covered up a pair of shoes that I'd been looking for all week. I found them only when I did my laundry. Sigh.

//4. I confess that I really like the color combination of orange and gold. It's very summery, very tropical and reminds me of a fruity drink of some sort. I wouldn't mind accessorizing my summer wardrobe with any of these beauties... (click on each picture for shopping info)

//5. I confess that I've basically been a hermit all week and stayed inside because of how hot it's been. Seriously. Thursday was a heat index of 113. October, please come. Soon.

//6. Along those lines, I confess that I'm really not a fan of summer. Ever. 

//7. I confess that I may or may not have an outfit post planned for next week based uniforms. ;)

Well, that's about all I have for today. Y'all have an excellent weekend and remember to stay cool! I surely will be. 


  1. I made a vegetable stir fry recently and couldn't believe how much I liked it! Isn't it funny how your tastes change as you get older? And I'm wearing coral and gold today, so I totally agree on the color combo. happy Friday!

    1. Yay for yummy veggies! Who'd a thunk it? ;)


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