Friday, June 29, 2012

confessional friday

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Today is Friday and y'all know what that means... (cue dramatic music or you can just watch the dramatic chipmunk video)

It's time for Confessional Friday. I've got lots of confessions for today, so let's just get to it, shall we?

//1. I confess that I resisted Mr. Guacamole and Mrs. Tortilla Chip this week. Hooray! I also discovered Baked Tostitos Scoops. Y'all they taste like the real thing and are crunchy and delicious. Man, oh man!

//2. I confess that I used the horrendous heat wave hanging over the Southeast as an excuse not to exercise outside. I did do some inside exercise on the elliptical and some Pilates, though. But no walking or running.

//3. I confess that I've got some quasi-major decisions to make in the next few weeks. Feel free to send up prayers, good thoughts, etc. ;)

//4. I confess that I'm really into the mint trend...but I don't own anything mint colored. Here are some pretty mint things that might make me consider jumping on the bandwagon.

(click each item for more info)

//5. I confess that I think I was a pretty cute kid until around 8. Then I started looking weird. That lasted pretty much through high school. 

I found this photo of me and the moms this week whilst perusing photos at my parents' house.

//6. I confess that I (gasp) started the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy. I don't quite know what to expect except for what I've seen on the movie trailers. I've not seen the movie yet either. Hopefully when I finish the books, it will be out on RedBox or the like.

//7. I confess that I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the recipes and crafts that I pin on Pinterest. There is simply not enough time to do them all and I have a hard time grasping that. Anyone else?

Now, y'all get to confessin'!

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Happy Friday, friends. Have a wonderfully fab weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

thursday morning thoughts

Since moving to Wilmington, I've become involved in a great church that challenges me.

Like, to the core challenges me.

It's a church that forces me to get away from coasting down the road of my spirituality and actually work at becoming more like Jesus.

Say, what?

Yeah, for many people (myself included), it's easy to put your Christian walk on auto-pilot and sort of go through the motions. And it's not to say that the motions are a BAD thing, but there's little effort and little sacrifice involved this way.

As someone raised in church to Christ-following parents I've never had to really "work" at my spirituality. It was just always a part of my life. I learned how to "do church" really well.

There was no lack of sincerity but there was lack of challenge.

I can't describe what it's like to be forced to realize my complete ineptitude when it comes to God. I am not Him. Nor can I control things like He does. I am also completely incapable of even taking a single breath without Him.

Talk about the lowest of low, right?

But when I'm challenged by the fact that I'm a human, capable of great sin, I am also reminded that I am a daughter of a God who is capable of great grace.

I love being challenged to bring a sacrifice of praise in my worship. I love being challenged to step out on faith. I love being challenged to expect great things from God.

I am thankful that God has chosen this period in my life to teach and reveal these things to me.


The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. ~2 Peter 3:9

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OOTD: change of scenery

Hello bloggy friends.

Today is Wednesday, a day I normally reserve for outfit posts. (This is still an outfit post, but I'm just talking a bit more first!)

However, I find myself always looking forward to Wednesdays because of these posts and then I had a total brain fart and realized that I don't have to only do them on WEDNESDAYS. I can do them anytime.

So, all that to say, you'll be seeing more outfit posts around here for awhile. The end.

Now, let's commence today's outfitage, okay? I took these photos outside, for once. ;) I'm not brave enough to take them out in public where people can watch me make weird poses so I jumped at the chance to take some outside...where no one can see me in my parents' heavily wooded and fenced backyard. Heh.

All you photogs, I know my photos are overexposed, but it's artistic and my style.

So boosh!

I got so much great feedback from the yellow tank that I wore, I decided to try it again. However, I'm no so much feeling these pants with this top...but next time I'll know not to wear them after seeing these pics. :)

Yellow tank: Old Navy
Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Unlisted via Amazon

Only a half shot on this one. I accidentally cut off my feet around mid-calf in the shot so I just chopped the rest of the photo. :) Also, I only packed one outfit to take shots with but because I so enjoyed the privacy of the backyard, I tried on some of my mother's clothes and came up with this little diddy... (hi mom!)

Tank: NY&Co
Cardigan: Loft
Jeans: Levis
Necklace: Unknown (borrowed)

Also, I FINALLY got my roots done. They were like a bazillion inches long (in my eyes). This is much better.

The end.

Not really. One more thing.

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. Also, I typed "The Pleated Poopy" 3x before I got it right. I blame a 5 hour drive home and shot nerves.

Really the end. ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

well, for starters...

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

Today, I'm linking up with Meg over at Life of Meg for the Mingle Monday prompt. (Yes, I know it's Tuesday but the link-up is open all week...)

The prompt for this week is YOUR GO-TO APPETIZER RECIPE(S).

Whenever I'm invited to a dinner party/gathering and I'm slotted to bring an appetizer there are a few stand-bys that I go to. Honestly, I think appetizers and hors d'oeuvres are pretty much the same thing, right?

Coincidentally, I've blogged about some of my fave recipes in this category before. Here is the highlight reel...

1. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip. Perhaps this is a dessert appetizer, but as my mantra says, I'd always prefer to eat dessert first at every meal. Here's the blog post I did about it.

2. Ham & Cheese Sliders with Poppyseeds. Mmmmm. Seriously. :) Warm and perfectly portioned as an appetizer.

3. Pretzel Hugs. These are easy to make and a definite crowd-pleaser. They are perfect with adults and kids alike!

4. Apple Dip. This is another sweet appetizer that I love to bring. It's sorta healthy because you eat it with apples. Well, at least that's how I rationalize eating it. ;)


Linking up with Meg.


Monday, June 25, 2012

OOTD: LBD challenge 1

Happy Monday, friends.

I've been wanting to do a post series for awhile about styling a Little Black Dress (LBD). I have 2 LBDs that I don't often wear because I have a hard time styling. However, I really want to challenge myself to wear my LBDs in new and interesting ways.

So, here is my first LBD outfit. I wore this to church so I wanted it to be slightly dressy but still comfortable and cool. (It can get kind of warm.)

Dress: Target (similar, similar)
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: Borrowed
Flats: Misbehave (gift from sister)
Tan: L'oreal Sublime Bronze ;)

I loved the idea of peach and aqua. Obvi, I kind of have an obsession with it. Heh. So, I opted to pair this aqua cardigan with peach shoes instead of the normal teal flats I wear it with. I am quite pleased by the results.

On a more random note: I think I'm (fake) tanorexic.

And on another even more random note: I DID take pictures with me facing the camera but none of them looked right. I took this early in the morning before church and by the looks of my face and eyes I hadn't QUITE woken up yet. ;)

Friday, June 22, 2012

insta friday

Well, it has definitely been a hot minute since I've done an Insta Friday post. I'm linking up with Jeannett for today's post featuring instagram pics from my phone.

Here. We. Go.

A most delicious Santa Fe crockpot chicken recipe with black beans and corn. Oh. My. Word. It was good.

This has been what I call the diet-wrecker. Well, not quite so much. I mean, I've only had guacamole once this week...which is better than twice last week. And it's got good fats from avocados, right? Heh.

One of the reasons that I love the place where I acquire most of my guacamole...the lighting. ;)

Oh, just some yellow flowers for your Friday viewing pleasure. 

My li'l man was really trying hard to communicate with me.

I took this photo one day and really liked it. Is it vain to post an instagram photo of myself on my own blog? Probably. Do I care? A teensy bit. But not enough to not share it. 

Well, I hope y'all have a wonderfully happy Friday and a happy weekend. Toodles!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

if I were a rich girl

La la la la la la...

Remember that song?

I have a Pinterest board called "Someday". It basically is a bunch of things I'd have or want to do someday...if I were a rich girl.

Or if I had a sugar daddy.

You know, either way. Make it or marry into it. ;)

Anywhoosit, here are a few things I'd "splurge" on if money were no object. Because, hey, a girl can dream, right?

Clockwise from top left:
1. A David Yurman ring. Probably not this topaz-y color, but my birthstone or just a cz one.
2. A Prada handbag or two...or three.
3. Sergio Rossi Mermaid Cage Booties. I've talked about my love affair with these shoes before. Perhaps the more I talk about them, the closer I get to owning them someday? ;)
4. Rose gold Michael Kors watch. Sigh.
5. Jeep Commander. So what if it's a Jeep?!?! (which is what I drive now, BTW) I love it. And I heart the boxy-ness. And it must be black, duh.
6. A spotted pony. I didn't say this list was completely realistic. That or a white pony with dyed pink hair. Either will be sufficient.

What kinds of things do you dream about if money weren't an object?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OOTD: workwear

Since I scored two awesome skirts this weekend for 50% off each, I decided to do some work looks for this week's outfits.

Of course, these also would work for church too. I wore this first one on Sunday. ;)

I'm 100% in love with the colors in this skirt. I was going to wear a skinny red belt and red wedges with this but I decided to just pull out 2 of the main skirt colors. I am pleased with the results.

Skirt: Wal Mart (recent) (similar)
Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: Gap
Shoes: Urban Originals

I wasn't sure about this spotted print at first, but because I got this skirt for a mere $7, I decided it was worth trying. I love pairing black and white with wild colors because, as I've discussed before, neutrals by themselves make me sad. HA.

Skirt: Wal Mart (recent)
Tank: Rue 21
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Rue 21
Necklace: J Crew via Ebay

Ah, you can't go wrong with a black pencil skirt. But, a black pencil skirt always begs to be "jazzed up" in my case. I love the peach and leopard together but the combo is grounded with the black skirt and shoes.

Skirt: Wal Mart
Tank: Marshalls
Cardigan: Target (similar)
Shoes: Target

So, as you can see I'm all about skirts, tanks and cardigans for work and church. Though I love pants, there's is nothing like a swingy skirt to make you feel girly and feminine.

Linking up with What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fashion's greatest hits

You know when a band releases a Greatest Hits album, they've "made it". If you've got enough hits to make into a CD, then I think you can consider yourself to be somewhat legendary, no?

Well, the same is true for fashion.

There are definitely some greatest hits in fashion that never seem to go out of style. Some call them classics. Others call them timeless pieces. All call them fashion staples.

1. White oxford shirt. The classic white button down is a layerable asset to any wardrobe...or perfect just on it's own.

2. Black dress pants. Black pants go with everything. It's quite simple, really.

3. Black pumps. Yet another black piece that goes with everything. They can be dressed up or down and worn for any occasion.

4. Pearl necklace. Every girl should have pearls. The end.

5. Blazer. Just like the pumps, it can be dressed up or down. Perfect with dress pants for job interviews or cute with jeans and a tee.

6. Red nail polish. Nothing says "business" like red nails. Why do you think starlets have had red nails since WAY back in the day. It's a classic color.

7. Tote. The tote bag has virtually gone through all sorts of handbag trends unscathed and continues to remain an all-time favorite.

8. Peacoat. Call it a peacoat or a trench, this foul weather accessory has been around for decades. Don't plan on seeing these go out of style anytime soon.

Do you own any of fashion's greatest hits? Which ones?

Monday, June 18, 2012

monday space

Happy Monday, friends!

How about a few pretty photos to get your week started off right? Here's a beautifully soothing space from

The persimmon and warm, neutral accents balance out the cool combo of pale gray and white.

What do you think about his combination of colors?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

on father's day

Dear Dad,

Instead of a normal, cunningly witty post regaling all of the times we've astounded the rest of the family with our knowledge of the world, I wanted to share with you some of the lessons you've taught me throughout my 27 years.

//Be Faithful

Throughout you and Mom's almost 30 years of marriage, you've shown me what it means to be faithful to someone. You've taught me the true meaning of loving someone in good times and bad, sickness and in health, in wealth or poverty, forever. You've exemplified what it means to "cherish" someone. My future husband has some big shoes to fill.

//Learn Always

Though you may claim to know everything, (and raised a child who knows everything as well, heh) you still taught me to never stop learning. From assisting with science projects to teaching me how to cook, you instilled a zeal for learning in me that will never cease. I can call you up and ask questions about pretty much anything and get an answer. If genetics has any say in this matter, I hope to be as smart as you someday.


I can do nothing but admire someone who can do so much with so little. Some might use the word "cheap" but I prefer "thrifty". Watching you use scrap wood and parts to create beautiful furniture and freezing every leftover morsel of vegetables for future vegetable soups made me realize that things often thrown out are, indeed, valuable. You've given me advice on getting the most out of my money and the importance of not spending money on frivolous things. Though I still have a lot to learn, I appreciate you bringing me up to learn about the value of material and non-material things.

//Simple Joys

Almost every Sunday meal you cook is a "feast". Just being around your family is what you enjoy the most. Reading a good book or watching Andy Griffith with a glass of wine is your pastime of choice. You are not one that needs many "things" to enjoy life. You value simplicity over complexity and revel in the simple joys of life. You've taught me to cherish those moments of joy in life and that joy can be found in almost everything.

//Love Well

Your guitar strings are carefully wiped down after each use and your plants are tended to with great care. You go out of your way to make your family and friends feel loved. Whether it be sharing a meal at a certain Chinese restaurant with long-time friends, or depositing money into my checking account "just because", I've learned that the things you love are loved well. To you, love isn't just saying "I love you" but it's sacrifice and respect and integrity and care. It's appreciation for people and a reluctance to give up. It's patience in teaching and openness in learning. Your friends and family do not question your love for them because it is so apparent in the things you do and say.

I am honored to be your daughter.

I love you and Happy Father's Day.