Sunday, June 3, 2012

color week challenge

Hi there lovelies!

When I read a post over on Maryam's blog, I nearly squealed with joy! She's doing a blog challenge called "Color Week". In her words, here's how it works...

Starting Monday we will have one color assignment for each day.  On that day you will post your pictures and then come here and link up so we can all see how you handled that day's color challenge.  Easy peasy! 

Oh man, I can't WAIT! I'm so excited to participate. Here is the "color schedule" for the week.

Monday - Red
Tuesday - Orange
Wednesday - Yellow
Thursday - Green
Friday - Blue
Saturday - Purple 
Sunday - Black/White

Wanna join in? Click here to see the original post on Pamplemousse 1983. If you tune in to The Striped Flamingo at all next week, expect color-themed posts. How they are interpreted is up to you so I'm going to put my creative thinking cap on and do this thang.

Happy Sunday, y'all!


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