Monday, June 11, 2012

mini home tour (updates!)

It's been awhile since I posted photos of my place. (The actual rooms themselves.) I did post right after I moved to Wilmington here.

However, since then I've rearranged, de-cluttered, and expanded my decorating skills with the help of my roommate.

First, let's look at my bedroom.

I rearranged my furniture and got rid of few things. I also moved one nightstand into the living room.

Now here's an updated look at the living room area.

This is the other nightstand that was in my room. It's now in the living room. It ties the color scheme together, don't you think?


  1. Cute place! Love the throw pillows on the couch. & the nightstand totally works as and end table in the living room!

  2. I love your dresser!!! Where did you get it? Also, I think I said this before, but I realized I am minorly obsessed with poppies after looking around my room and seeing the matching poppy prints above the bed, the poppy dish on my dresser, and the the poppy wall decals that I got from Ikea (that I have yet to put up). I've been thinking about changing Kindly, Kate, to something with the word Poppy in it, so I think that its great you also have a poppy print above your bed!

    1. Thanks YT! The dresser is OLD. It's from the Fontana line by Broyhill. I don't even know if it's available anywhere now except secondhand. However, if you search for Fontana furniture by Broyhill on Google you can see where (if anywhere) it's for sale. I love it so much! I stole, urm, borrowed it from my parents. ;) Also, the poppy obsession is why we are twins!

  3. Love your pretty :) Blue is so hard to decorate with but you did a fabulous job!

  4. your house is so happy. and cheery.
    and so you! :)

    does hewitt actually sleep IN that bed at night? :)

    1. HAHA, yes he really does. Every once-in-a-while he'll jump up on my bed in the mornings or during a thunderstorm, but usually he's content in his little little domain. He's a good boy. ;)

  5. I love your style, both rooms look awesome. I'm a huge fan of the night stand and end tables.


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