Thursday, June 21, 2012

if I were a rich girl

La la la la la la...

Remember that song?

I have a Pinterest board called "Someday". It basically is a bunch of things I'd have or want to do someday...if I were a rich girl.

Or if I had a sugar daddy.

You know, either way. Make it or marry into it. ;)

Anywhoosit, here are a few things I'd "splurge" on if money were no object. Because, hey, a girl can dream, right?

Clockwise from top left:
1. A David Yurman ring. Probably not this topaz-y color, but my birthstone or just a cz one.
2. A Prada handbag or two...or three.
3. Sergio Rossi Mermaid Cage Booties. I've talked about my love affair with these shoes before. Perhaps the more I talk about them, the closer I get to owning them someday? ;)
4. Rose gold Michael Kors watch. Sigh.
5. Jeep Commander. So what if it's a Jeep?!?! (which is what I drive now, BTW) I love it. And I heart the boxy-ness. And it must be black, duh.
6. A spotted pony. I didn't say this list was completely realistic. That or a white pony with dyed pink hair. Either will be sufficient.

What kinds of things do you dream about if money weren't an object?


  1. There are 5 things I've always wanted:
    Blue Willow china - my mom used years of accumulated Betty Crocker points to get me a full set as a wedding gift
    Kitchenaid stand mixer - B got it for me Christmas of 2004
    Bread Machine - B got it for me with an unexpected bonus at work
    Krups espresso machine - B got it for me for my 23rd birthday
    Sapphire wrap for my wedding rings - B got it for me for our 10th anniversary

    So, while I may not have a Sugar Daddy, I have a good man who works hard to make dreams come true. Next up, a family vacay to Disneyworld!

  2. I am cracking up over your spotted pony! I'd take a few david yurman and prada pieces also. Those shoes... they're fantastic!

  3. Gorgeous picks!!!!
    I just started on Pinterest, so still learning.

  4. OH man girl, if I was a rich girl I'd definitely be going for that watch too! And a range rover ;)

  5. Love Jeeps, in black, of course. :-)


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