Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fashion's greatest hits

You know when a band releases a Greatest Hits album, they've "made it". If you've got enough hits to make into a CD, then I think you can consider yourself to be somewhat legendary, no?

Well, the same is true for fashion.

There are definitely some greatest hits in fashion that never seem to go out of style. Some call them classics. Others call them timeless pieces. All call them fashion staples.

1. White oxford shirt. The classic white button down is a layerable asset to any wardrobe...or perfect just on it's own.

2. Black dress pants. Black pants go with everything. It's quite simple, really.

3. Black pumps. Yet another black piece that goes with everything. They can be dressed up or down and worn for any occasion.

4. Pearl necklace. Every girl should have pearls. The end.

5. Blazer. Just like the pumps, it can be dressed up or down. Perfect with dress pants for job interviews or cute with jeans and a tee.

6. Red nail polish. Nothing says "business" like red nails. Why do you think starlets have had red nails since WAY back in the day. It's a classic color.

7. Tote. The tote bag has virtually gone through all sorts of handbag trends unscathed and continues to remain an all-time favorite.

8. Peacoat. Call it a peacoat or a trench, this foul weather accessory has been around for decades. Don't plan on seeing these go out of style anytime soon.

Do you own any of fashion's greatest hits? Which ones?

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  1. I totally agree with your fashion's greatest hits list. I need a new pair of great black heels and a classic trench, but I've got the others checked off on my list!


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