Tuesday, June 5, 2012

how to: wear ORANGE

It's day 2 of Color Week and today's color is ORANGE.

Before I get to meat of my post, I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes involving oranges.

You know, the root of the word Miller is a Greek word. Miller come from the Greek word "milo," which is mean "apple," so there you go. As many of you know, our name, Portokalos, is come from the Greek word "portokali," which mean "orange." So, okay? Here tonight, we have, ah, apple and orange. We all different, but in the end, we all fruit. - Gus Portokalos

Orange is a bold color. Too much orange can be a bit overwhelming, but when accented correctly, orange is a great summer color. Here are some tips for incorporating orange into your wardrobe this season.

how to wear: orange

1. Outfit one pairs a bright orange dress with neutral accessories and a cardigan. The neutrals balance out the bold orange dress.
2. The second outfit uses orange as an accent only in the watch and shoes. Green shorts and a chambray shirt help to tame the orange a bit more for a great everyday outfit.
3. The third outfit might seem like a no-no at first because of the purple-on-orange colorblock. However, since purple is opposite orange on the color wheel, it works. Also, since the orange is on the bottom and the darker color is the majority of the dress it isn't too overwhelming.
4. A basic orange tee pumps up white pants, neutral accessories and a denim jacket.

See?! You CAN wear orange and not look like the 5th Teletubbie.


  1. Yay, finally my favorite color!!!

  2. Orange makes me want to barf. But these outfits look, how you say, not so bad?

    1. BAHAHAHAAHA, Jill. Perhaps because sometimes barf is orange?

    2. Orange makes me look like I'm going to barf. Seriously, I can do peach or maybe coral but straight up orange make me look like death warmed over. I once wore a pumpkin orange tee while teaching a dance class and one of my students said looked like a zombie!
      I do like the purple dress though :)

  3. Oh I love those orange tennies with the green shorts!

    1. I love that outfit too. It's my favorite one!

  4. Orange is such a pretty color. I love it paired with the white pants and denim jacket in the last outfit. Definitely need to keep that in mind for later inspiration. Adorable!


    1. Thanks Callie! If you replicate that last outfit, send me a pic and I'll post it! :)


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