Friday, June 29, 2012

confessional friday

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Today is Friday and y'all know what that means... (cue dramatic music or you can just watch the dramatic chipmunk video)

It's time for Confessional Friday. I've got lots of confessions for today, so let's just get to it, shall we?

//1. I confess that I resisted Mr. Guacamole and Mrs. Tortilla Chip this week. Hooray! I also discovered Baked Tostitos Scoops. Y'all they taste like the real thing and are crunchy and delicious. Man, oh man!

//2. I confess that I used the horrendous heat wave hanging over the Southeast as an excuse not to exercise outside. I did do some inside exercise on the elliptical and some Pilates, though. But no walking or running.

//3. I confess that I've got some quasi-major decisions to make in the next few weeks. Feel free to send up prayers, good thoughts, etc. ;)

//4. I confess that I'm really into the mint trend...but I don't own anything mint colored. Here are some pretty mint things that might make me consider jumping on the bandwagon.

(click each item for more info)

//5. I confess that I think I was a pretty cute kid until around 8. Then I started looking weird. That lasted pretty much through high school. 

I found this photo of me and the moms this week whilst perusing photos at my parents' house.

//6. I confess that I (gasp) started the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy. I don't quite know what to expect except for what I've seen on the movie trailers. I've not seen the movie yet either. Hopefully when I finish the books, it will be out on RedBox or the like.

//7. I confess that I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the recipes and crafts that I pin on Pinterest. There is simply not enough time to do them all and I have a hard time grasping that. Anyone else?

Now, y'all get to confessin'!

Linking up with the lovely Mrs. Leslie at A Blonde Ambition.

Happy Friday, friends. Have a wonderfully fab weekend!


  1. I'm with ya on the Pinterest thing!! Too many pins and not enough time! :) I am also loving the mint trend! So cute! Have a great day!!

  2. Enjoy Hunger Games! It's a great series and keeps ya on your toes, for sure! Thanks for linking up today, girlie!

  3. I too was a cute little kid who had an awkward phase (from about 8/9 through 16/17). I think it's just puberty.

  4. Here from A Blonde Ambition! I hope you enjoy the Hunger Games Trilogy as much as I did. The only series I read twice, haha!


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