Friday, March 30, 2012


Man, this week has flown by!

I'm not complaining though. I'm totally looking forward to this weekend for a lot of reasons. The weather is going to be nice on Saturday/Sunday for the first time in a long time. Lately, it's been beautiful during the week and nasty on the weekend, so this weekend, I'm heading to the beach.

With my SPF 75. Don't hate. I'm getting my freckle on y'all!

I've got some instagram photos for you this week and a KILLER recipe at the end of this post.

Listos? Ready? Vamos!

See what I mean about the rain? That's's only like a 20% chance. But anywho, the reason I took this is because I'm not ready for 80 degrees yet. It's still MARCH! If it's 80 something now...what is it gonna look like in July? Sigh...

My little man LOVES car rides. You know how they say that car rides can put a baby to sleep, well they do the same with my Hewitt.

Azaleas are these gorgeous bushy things that grow wild (and not so wild) in the area. They come in beautiful shades of pink, red, purple and salmon and are SO beautiful. Ugly things just become BEAUTIFUL when covered in colored flowers. Wilmington hosts the North Carolina Azalea Festival every year. I'm going this year and can't wait!

I found this most amazing and delicious recipe on the Life of Meg's blog this week and HAD to try it. She linked to the original post here. I cheated and used refrigerated cookie dough and it was still AMAZING. Seriously.

I bought the refrigerated cookie dough that was already separated into squares. Take a square and smoosh it in your hand until it's a flat disc. Follow the original recipe like normal.

If you have any leftover and they cool completely, I recommend popping those bad boys in the microwave for about 10 seconds before you eat them because, in my opinion, they are the best warm.

Y'all should try that recipe. That will be a GREAT way to kick off the weekend! Speaking of weekend, I need to get started with mine soon, so I'll see y'all back here on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

summer bucket list

I've been making a mental list of all the things I want to do this first summer living in Wilmington. Between the river and the ocean, this town is almost SURROUNDED by water, so I want to take advantage of that with my summer bucket list. Not to mention the fact that I work ON the beach with a bunch of outdoorsy, watery, natural-y people that might be able to be persuaded to teach this water-phobe how to have fun in the surf.

So, instead of storing a mental bucket list, I decided to make a fun little photo collage that will inspire me to accomplish these goals this summer!

Let's NOT refer to the fact that 3 of the 5 goals have to do with food. I figure, since the other two are physical activities, it's okay, right?


Now, I feel I should explain them a bit.

1) Eat at Britt's Donuts. There is this donut place on the island that's been there for decades and is only open seasonally. Apparently, it's legendary. They only serve donuts and they only serve glazed donuts, but they are so good (allegedly) that is has turned even the most devout Kreme or Dunkin fan to Britt's. And, I pass it on the way to work a few times a week.

2) Make Frozen Elvis Bites. I found this recipe on Pinterest and would change up the original a bit by swapping the peanuts for bacon bits. YUM! These would be perfect for a summer treat.

3) Have a beach picnic. It is now feasible for me to take a picnic to the beach one weekend or even one evening for dinner. I'm just a few minutes from the beach. Maybe someday I'll have a Mister to picnic on the beach with!?!

4 & 5) Go kayaking or paddleboarding. I've never done either and both seem like something I could totally do. I'd love to try both but would settle with either. I've never been one for watersports and swore off of whitewater rafting because of a bad experience and waterskiing because it was too fast. (I know, I'm quite grandmotherly when it comes to speed.) So, because I can set my own pace with this, I'm down like a brown clown wearing an upside down frown.

Now, what about y'all? I'm so interested in hearing about your summer bucket list! Do y'all have one? Leave me a comment or link up a blog post in the comments. I can't wait to hear about it!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ootd: skirting the issue

I really look forward to Wednesday outfit posts. I love having such a wonderful source of outfit inspiration when I link up with Lindsey for What I Wore Wednesday.  

I've got a li'l outfit today for y'all. Ready? Take a deep breath.

Let's go!

I found this blog, My Dressy Ways, a few weeks ago and really love her style. It's very similar to mine and she wears a lot of pieces that I, yes, I will work off of someone ELSE'S inspiration. HA! You'll notice 2 different skirts in these pics. I originally put on the shorter one, but re-thought it after I saw the first couple of shots. I generally don't like to show my knees. They look like weird half-smiley faces. So, then I switched it to the longer skirt. Anywho, this classic color combo of fuschia and khaki is perfect for spring and summer.

Top: Old Navy
Long Skirt (left): Old Navy
Shorter Skirt (right): Target
Wedges: Urban Originals

I think when I actually wear this outfit, I'll probably add a long pendant necklace like Ying did in the original post.

Thoughts on fushcia and khaki? I think that a strong color like fuschia is grounded with a neutral like know, for all y'all color-phobes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

top 5 shoesday

Hello friends. Happy Tuesday.

Y'all don't mind if I get REAL honest, do you? Sister ain't been shopping in...well...a long time. With starting the new job I've tried to be real good about saving my pennies, you know? So there hasn't really been much of a shopping budget. But just because I can't ACTUALLY shop doesn't mean I can't "window shop", right?

And by "window shop" I mean browse websites. Y'all knew that though.

Anywho, for today's Top 5 Shoesday Tuesday I decided to show y'all a few pretty pairs of shoes that I've been "window shopping" lately.

Dang, Target. Why don't you just put out ANOTHER line of cute summer shoes AGAIN this year!?!?! Those blue peep-toed sandals...I coveted them last year and now that they have them in royal blue, these will most definitely be on my first-to-buy list when I get the funds. I love the fabric flip flops from Target as well.


These are 5 cute pairs of shoes, in my opinion. Do you think people still "window shop"? Or is it a lost art?

Monday, March 26, 2012

the last of the disney characters

It's a sad day today. Sad, because I'm pretty sure this is the last crop of modern Disney character outfits. I've just simply done them ALL. I don't want to be finished, and I thought about assigning outfits to non-human characters (like Nala, Dory or Perdita) but I'm not sure it would be the same.

Then, I thought about doing outfits for NON-DISNEY animated movies like Pixar/Dreamworks (whichever one isn't Disney...I forget).

I'd love to hear your thoughts... it may just be that this season is over. Tear.

If you want to check out the other Disney character posts, click the "disney" label in my left sidebar.

Here are Esmeralda and Rapunzel's outfits.


Modern Esmeralda keeps the color palette with blues and purples but swaps the puffy-sleeved top for a drapey cardigan. Gold flats and dangly earrings complete this updated look.


After only recently seeing this movie for the first time, I decided to add a Rapunzel look as well. Rapunzel usually opted for no shoes, but since that isn't really feasible, I gave her flesh-toned heels. Modern Rapunzel has a cast iron frying pan as an accessory...though it's probably not as effective at warding off men as mace or talks about committment...but I digress.

Do you like these character-inspired posts or should I take a cue from my lack of available inspiration and retire from them?

Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

how to style a tank dress

Happy Sunday, friends!

So, I have this tank dress from Target (Tar-jay) that I love and is super-comfortable. My only problem is that I'm never sure exactly how to style it down. You see, it's a black tank dress (almost exactly like the dress below) and I've always thought of it as a "dressy dress" and not an "everyday" dress.

When I switched over my closet this weekend from winter to summer, I re-discovered the dress and vowed to figure out some new ways to wear it without looking like I'm attending a cocktail party. Here are some ideas I came up with...

how to style an lbd different ways

It would be perfect with a chambray shirt buttoned up over it, to give the appearance of a skirt instead of a dress. Then, I thought about pairing with with similar colored cardigan and flat shoes and a statement necklace.

how to style an lbd different ways

I love the idea of pink and green paired with this dress. I have the green belt and pink flats, I just need to find a pink belt...that shouldn't be too hard, right? A striped blazer, gladiator sandals and a chunky necklace enable this outfit to be perfect for a luncheon or work...without looking funeral-ish.

How do you style a basic piece of clothing? Any suggestions for my tank dress?

Friday, March 23, 2012

instaFriday - thankfulness

I'm so blessed.

You ever have those moments where you just have to step back and take everything in and you realize how blessed you are and thankful you should be?

That's me. I'm so thankful.

I'm thankful for instant strawberries and cream oatmeal. So delicious and sweet and easy to make.

I'm thankful for my roommate's rabbit, Helen...even though her eyes look scarily red in the flash of the camera. She's sweet and changing my mind about...varmints.

I'm thankful for weekend trips to Charlotte and I'm thankful when I get back home, safe and sound.

I'm thankful that I got to see the great spring "snowstorm" of Bradford Pear tree petals in my parents' yard. I'm also thankful for Patty Riot. (my car)

I'm thankful for the Hibachi place I discovered that is right down the street from me. I'm thankful that they have unlimited coupons on the back of Harris Teeter grocery receipts and I'm thankful that their food is so delicious and so cheap. I'm also thankful that I'll actually eat these vegetables.

I'm thankful for open tulips...a sign of spring and a sign of a promise of great things to come.

What are YOU thankful for today?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

who wears prints?

  Hello friends.

Today's post is all about prints. Generally, I'm not much of a print lover. I usually stick to solids, but I'm really trying to expand my wardrobe by adding more prints. Well, I should say that I've always loved stripes, but lately, polka dots, ikat and geometric prints are drawing my eye.

Some people are afraid to wear prints. I could even be considered a bit of a print-o-phobe. I put together a few outfits that feature prints. Take a look...


Here are a few more pretty prints I've seen lately...

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

What do you think about prints? Do you stick to one type like stripes or florals?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the infamous top 10 list

 Upon the request of my roommate, and all of single men in Wilmington (note the extreme sarcasm), I am going to post my infamous Top 10 list. For those of you that don't know, my Top 10 list is the top 10 things that would make (in my mind) the perfect man.

Now, we all know that no one is perfect. So, I'm negotiable on some of these. I'll note the ones that I'm NOT negotiable.

Call me shallow, but y'all know you had a list of "wants" in a mate or partner, right? Well, I'm just publicizing mine with the hope that the potential Mr. Geiger will read and take heed.

1. He must be a Christian. This one is non-negotiable. And, not just an "I believe in God" Christian, but a Bible-reading, spiritual leader.

2. He must like and know about football. This is a non-negotiable. Real men like football. The end. ;)

3. He must be able to tolerate dogs. This is a non-negotiable. I have a dog child. If a man couldn't at least tolerate him (because love will inevitably come with Hewitt) then we can't be.

4. He must be able to tolerate all of the voices I talk in. I have a voice that I use with my roommate, with my dog, with my friends. It's weird, I know.

5. He should drive a nice car. As to what I'm "nice" is negotiable, however, air-conditioner is a definite necessity. Shallow much?

6. He should be more than reasonably attractive. Perhaps a little less attractive than me...there is something to be said about being the prettier person in a relationship. I'm just sayin'...HA!

7. He should not be a couch potato at all times. He should want to do things with go to the beach, or the dog park, teach me how to sail and/or paddleboard, or needlepoint or something.

8. He should be a good communicator. Relationships are hard enough without a lack of communication...seriously. Or, if not a good communicator, then he's working on it. This is non-negotiable.

9. He should respect traditional (and Biblical) gender roles. I don't mean pick out my outfits or tell me what I can and can't eat... it's something much deeper than that. See Ephesians 5 or 1 Corinthians 7.

10. He should be able to get along with or hang out with my family and vice-versa. You marry me, you marry my family and are stuck with us, for lack of a better term. This is non-negotiable.

Honorable Mention: Must love chocolate. How in the world would we ever share dessert if he didn't like chocolate? Even I'd get tired of that much banana pudding. The end.

Honorable Mention 2: He could dress like this and I wouldn't hate it.

Pinned Image

Okay, now that I've totally outed my shallow side. How about sharing some of your must-have characteristics in a mate/partner?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I was perusing my normal blog list and read a post over at Miss Southern Prep about hats. It got me thinking about hats. I've always been a fan of hats but not always courageous enough to wear them. I love the idea of fascinators and wide-brimmed hats, but I've only worn them once.

Now, baseball hats are a different story. I have...urm...quite a few. I wear them to the beach to keep my hair back, while running, or just when I want to run out but don't have time to do my hair. They are so easy and comfy. I would like to add some new hats to my collection soon. For me, it's not that important what is ON the hat, as long as it fits well and is comfortable. I have a few Life is Good hats, a few South Carolina or USC hats and some miscellaneous hats I've picked up at different places. I have been on the lookout, lately, for a pink baseball hat. Um, I happened to find one that is New Orleans Saints, my fave team. Divine providence? I think so. Now, if you REALLY love me you'd buy it for me. :)

Here are some of my faves...

Green Hat with Needlepoint Lobster

Whale Logo Baseball Hat

What do you think about hats? Yay? Nay? For boys only?

Monday, March 19, 2012

pretty underneath

If you're one of my male readers, you may not really care to read this post as it talks about...well...unmentionables. HA. You've been warned!

Pinned Image

Ladies. Can I get on my soapbox for a minute? I don't understand why so many ladies wear FUGLY underwear!?!?! NO ONE should wear ugly, plain or blah underwear, for real. Okay, so maybe you're a larger layday and don't think you could find anything that fits. Or, maybe you're single and wonder what's the point of wearing fancy underwear? Or maybe you only think that granny panties are comfy?

I'll address all of those "reasons" a little later. First let me tell y'all why I'm such a big fan of pretty undies. They do WONDERS for your self-esteem. They make you feel pretty, sassy and fancy no matter WHAT you're wearing on the outside. No lie, wearing purty panties can give you a wonderful outlook on life. Don't believe me? TRY it. I dare you. You'll thank me later. Heh.

Now, let's address the reasons that women don't wear pretty underwear, okay?

1) Let's say you're a curvy lady. Or, maybe you just carry most of your weight in your hips and booty area? You think you can't wear cute undies because they don't come in your size. Think again, sisters.

(for the sake of, well, modesty, I'm not posting pics...just links.)
Cacique Hipsters
Hanes Hi-Cut Briefs
Torrid Cheeky Shorts
Cacique Cotton Stretch

2) All the single ladies! All the single ladies! Put your hands up! Can I be frank? Just because nobody is seeing your undies doesn't mean you shouldn't care. I mean, YOU have to see them and that should be enough...but if it isn't, then trust me when I say that a fancy schmancy pair of panties will greatly improve how happy you are and how you handle stress. Take it from me. Ain't nobody seeing these except for my washing machine... (TMI??) but I still love a cute pair. Here are some of my personal faves...

VS Cotton Bikini
Xhilaration Seamless Cotton Hipster
Gillian O'Malley Modal Bikini
Hanes Fashion Bikini

3) Granny panties (GP) are comfy, I'll give you that. But they are only acceptable for a few reasons...most of them involving recovery from surgery or childbirth. Too graphic? Sorry. HA! Some underwear is just plain uncomfortable...cough...thongs...cough and should only be worn clothing emergencies. HAHA. But you can be cute AND comfortable without resorting to the dreaded GP. Nowadays, lots of manufacturers are making seamless, stretch and no-ride undies that will stay put and keep you, ahem, covered.

Hanes No-Ride-Up Bikinis
Xhilaration Seamless Cotton Blend Bikini
VS Incredible HipHugger
VS Body by Victoria Bare Ultimate

Alright now, y'all have no excuse to not keep it pretty underneath. If you don't normally invest in pretty underpants, buy and pair and just TRY it. If you don't instantly feel better by donning a pair of pink and white, polka dotted undies (or whatever you prefer) then...well...then I'll eat my words. But I'm pretty sure you will. And, hey, even if no one sees'll be your little secret all day.

Now THAT'S a great way to keep a smile on your face all day. ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012


Heck yes, it's FRIDAY! I'm headed out to Charlotte for the weekend after work. What are y'all up to this holiday weekend?

I've got a few purty li'l Instagram photos for y'all today for this InstaFriday post! Not sure what InstaFriday is? Well, I link up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged and post the photos I've taken throughout the week on my cell phone using the Instagram app. Want to join in? Here's how...

Now, here's my week in photos...

As usual, we find Hewitt either a) guarding his "babies" that he's herded or b) sleeping. He has such a hard life.

Three times a week I have this view in the morning. Don't be jea...okay, you can be jealous. I would be. This is a beautiful Kure Beach sunrise.

I made this li'l baby over the weekend. 1 old soap dispenser pump and 1 new mason jar + a hammer and a screwdriver= this! It really goes with my southern chic bathroom theme.

I would like to state that I don't particularly like the color red. However, I've been told I look good in it on multiple occasions so I have a red cardigan, coat and necklace. Anywho, my hair is SO long now. I think that I will be doing something to it this weekend. Pics to come later, of course, if it happens.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I hope y'all have a wonderfully fabulous weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

blogroll mixer

I've been on a roll discovering new blogs lately. Occasionally I'll find one to follow but lately, I've discovered about 4 within one week. Chalk it up to cool blog mixers like this...

Kelly, over at Simply Kelly is hosting a Blogroll Mixer this week where participants post links to the blogs they follow/read regularly for others to check out and discover.

So, I am very excited to participate!! Lucky for y'all, I have self-diagnosed OCD and have organized my blogroll list by the blog's main/basic content or topic. Heh. If, at any time you'd like to reference this list, you can always see it on the Blogs I Love page.

And without further adieu...







Well, these are the blogs I'm into lately. If you want to link up, check out the original post on Kelly's blog here.

Happy Thursday! Come back tomorrow for some awesome Instagram photos!