Monday, March 12, 2012

how to: be stylish on a (low) budge part 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, with gas prices being...well, basically redonkulous and the economy in a funk, most of us have to stick to a budget when it comes to shopping, right? Unless you're a trust fund child or invented Super Soakers or something, you probably can't go all out when you want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe.

Well, you're in luck. Today, I'm listing a few of my favorite tips for people who want to be stylish but have a low (or non-existant) budget, henceforth "budge"...because I like that word. HA!

1. Rock what you got. Yes, I know my grammar was despicable in the title of this tip...but we're all adults here, right? We can deal... Looking at your closet day in and day out will cause a sort of monotony when it comes to picking out outfits. You need a fresh pair of eyes to see the potential combinations using what you already have. How do you do this? Rearrange your closet. Organize it. Toss old or unwanted clothing and start with a clean slate. Then, gather some inspiration...or pinspiration from The Internets and make new outfits. Stylish without spending a DIME!

2. Shop online. I'm a huge proponent of online shopping, but even if you're skeptical of sizing and fit online, you can still buy things like shoes, accessories and second items online. (Second items are items that are another color/pattern of something you already have.) The benefits of shopping online are tremendous...especially when it comes to items that are on sale or on clearance because you're getting the main warehouse/headquarter's inventory, which is a lot larger than the clearance inventory of just one store location. Items like cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, accessories, purses and
even socks/tights are easy to purchase online for those people who get nervous when it comes to a virtual shopping cart. I order my makeup (Bare Minerals) from whichever large retailer has the best deal at the time. I will "place an order" and get all the way to the final calculation with shipping (right before payment) and see if it is cheaper at Ulta, Sephora or somewhere else. With online shopping you have the luxury of comparison shopping at your fingertips!

3. Be versatile. Don't buy sequined leopard kitten-heeled pumps unless you know you have at LEAST 3 different items of clothing that they will go with. They might be cute, but you'll never wear them. Also, look for "staple" or "basic" items in basic or neutral colors that you could, literally, wear the exact same pieces every day of the week but look completely different by styling with various accessories. Look for items that will go with multiple things in your closet before you buy it. Don't know EXACTLY what's in your closet? See #1. ;)

...stay tuned for part 2 soon!

How do YOU stay stylish on a budge?


  1. I spend the majority of my clothing budget on the items that are most important to me. I am very busty so I do not scrimp when it comes to bras. If I have a well fitting supportive bra then the cheap tank top I wear over it looks better :)

    I studied dance for years (I have a BA in Dance) so my feet are kind of messed up. So, I buy really supportive shoes. I try to get deals but the main thing is to have a great pair of supportive shoes that are cute enough and versatile enough to be worn every day.

    For everything else I go cheap, clearance racks, sales, talking myself out of items (do I really need another pair of jeans?). I really need to reorganize my closet for Spring and rediscover some items I haven't worn in awhile.

  2. HA! Super soakers!

    Also, I'm already liking this series.

  3. I LOVE online shopping, and as long as there is a brick and mortar close by, I don't worry too much about size as it is easy to return without having to deal with mail. Orangies Attic

  4. These are really great tips and swear by shopping online as well.

  5. Awesome tips!! Lord knows this girl doesn't have money to go blow whenever I want! Saw you on Mingle Monday! Loving this blog!!


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