Sunday, March 25, 2012

how to style a tank dress

Happy Sunday, friends!

So, I have this tank dress from Target (Tar-jay) that I love and is super-comfortable. My only problem is that I'm never sure exactly how to style it down. You see, it's a black tank dress (almost exactly like the dress below) and I've always thought of it as a "dressy dress" and not an "everyday" dress.

When I switched over my closet this weekend from winter to summer, I re-discovered the dress and vowed to figure out some new ways to wear it without looking like I'm attending a cocktail party. Here are some ideas I came up with...

how to style an lbd different ways

It would be perfect with a chambray shirt buttoned up over it, to give the appearance of a skirt instead of a dress. Then, I thought about pairing with with similar colored cardigan and flat shoes and a statement necklace.

how to style an lbd different ways

I love the idea of pink and green paired with this dress. I have the green belt and pink flats, I just need to find a pink belt...that shouldn't be too hard, right? A striped blazer, gladiator sandals and a chunky necklace enable this outfit to be perfect for a luncheon or work...without looking funeral-ish.

How do you style a basic piece of clothing? Any suggestions for my tank dress?


  1. Yay! Sunday post! :)

    I like all of these. The chambray shirt is great. You could also style it open over the dress with a belt over or under the shirt. Or, knot the shirt at the waist. This dress will look great with your leopard cardi too.

    Why was this dress put away for the winter? It looks like the kind of basic piece that could worn year round. Just layer a long sleeve top under or a warm cardi over, add tights and boots, and voila!

  2. I've worn a similar dress with a fitted jean jacket. You could pick up the color of the brushed nickel grommets, and pair them with a great pair of gladiator sandals. To take that a step further any color jean jacket and a coordinating sandal would be splendid.

  3. Pink belt at Kohls:

    It's on sale, aren't you shocked!?! ;)

  4. A loose light grey sweeter in wool, black shoes and a big siver cross (4cm high) hanging from the neck would do the trick. :-)


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